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Hey guys I need some information about what athletes eating to make their body fit and fast

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As other pointed out here, the world of athletic sports is quite wide and therefore the diets of many athletes are varied.
As a general rule of thumb, Id assume that most high performance athletes gets the majority of their calorie from carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are an easily and readily available source of energy for the body, and because high intensity exercises require high energy, carbs are the most reliable way to ensure you won't be running on empty. This goes for athletes who train long all day, everyday.

On the other hand, id bet that athletes like body builders have quite different diet. People who focus on building muscle over cardio vascular  endurance don't really need to focus on fueling energy reserves. Many professional body builders only workout for an hour at most, several times a week, since body building is more about recovery and diet than intensive, endurance training. Because they're trying to fuel muscle recovery, they most likely have diets which emphazise protein over carbohydrates in order to maximize muscle growth and minimize body fats.
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We're all from different parts of the world and definitely our foods will be different. I come from Kenya which is the home for the athletes. Most of the athletes in my country eat traditional foods like yams and cassava plus our staple food which is ugali. But then there's this always special milk that athletes in my country usually take. It's also a traditional milk but its been mixed with some herbs. I don't understand why its always mixed with herbs but most athletes usually drink it after the race.

According to my understanding, I really don't think food can be such a great concern because athletes are always burning calories. What you ought to take most is water. Water is known to be good for slimming plus lemon juice.
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Don't know the specific type of food to prescribe for your athletic career but I will lead you towards some certain tips that I trust will enhance your fitness and promote your career. The tips are;
Avoid eating late; eating late food makes the system much dull and heavy that you won't be able to act fast and very weak. Because the body won't be able to complete the necessarily aactivities before bed.

Sleep early and avoid sleeping much or interruptions. Since early to bed is early to wake. Detoxification ccircle will be complete. And as soon as you wake up. Early morning exercise will help to keep the body fit.
Eating foods like vegetables and food that have very low level of cholesterol: foods that have low amount of starch and cholesterol will help alot.
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Keeping fit should be everyone's routine but most of us don't do it most of the time because of everyday schedules and work but it should be part of each day. For athletes i think they have a worked out diet to aid them in retaining their body weights, and calorie intake. Am sure there is a certain body mass that they need to keep or maintain so that they can perform better. The one thing i know is that milk and eggs should be an everyday source of protein. But again we are from different countries where people eat different kinds of food, or foods that cannot be found in other countries. I can recall seeing my brother feed on a lot of milk, yoghurt , and eggs boiled and porched eggs every single day before and after his exercises. He used to body build and he was very fit. Vegetables also play a very big part of the diet, so good luck.
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Basically, the foods athletes eat are foods that are obtained from natural sources. They are not into eating anything they lay their hands on like junk foods. They are very discipline and consistent with what they eat, and this is also regimented before and after; either their training sessions or competition periods. They treat foods as major catalysts needed for them to attain peak performance.

Some of the important foods they eat are are rich in healthy carbohydrates. Healthy carbohydrates because they are loaded with natural substances that can helps in providing them energy they need to enhance performance rate. These carbohydrates are eaten with proteinous foods that contain essential amino acids.

In addition, they consume a lot of fruits and vegetables as well as herbal root foods that contain bioactive compounds that help them to recover from fatigue muscles; most of which are in form of supplements. They also drink a lot of water, which help them flush out toxins which must have accumulated due to tissue breakdown.

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