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Nightmares are more of reflection of things you've been thinking about during the day. Hence, its advisable to have positive thoughts because that's what will be translated in your dreams. It's right that nightmares can be avoided but not at all but for a good number of months if possible. All you need to do is avoid stress. Whenever you're stressed up, you'll tend to think about lots of things to get out of that situation. This finally, makes your memory filled up and when you go to bed, you'll find that you end up having nightmares.

Also, you should check on your sleeping time.I have done research on myself and realised that whenever i sleep very late like past 12 am, I must have nightmares. This happens to many and you need to check on it. Finally, before going to sleep, its good to say a short prayer because some nightmares are very frightening and at times they come to pass. I believe in the power of prayers.
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What is a nightmare? A nightmare is a frightening dream or an unpleasant dream that occurs while you are asleep. At times, the nightmare makes you to wake up in the dead of night with fear and sweating and then keeps you awake the whole night resulting in headache in the following day. Can you avoid having nightmares? .

Yes. By inculcating some good habits in your life and also following them in principle, you may be able to avoid nightmares to certain extent. If you have the habit of reading horror stories or seeing horror movies before going to bed, you should stop it forthwith. Above all, a small prayer to the God you believe in will be a lot more helpful.
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To avoid having nightmares I think one should reduce or stop all things that will triggers it,watching scary movies before hitting the bed is like the biggest problem or trigger of nightmares. See such movies in the day and if it too creepy and you can't get it off your head then stop watching it.

Reduce anxiety or depressing issue from your can bring up some scary images while sleeping. Try to clear your head of issues that could be traumatic before sleeping.

Again certain sleep disorder can trigger nightmares, you could consult your doctor or seek the help of a therapist or professional to help analyse the situation and give you a better solution.

You can Also meditate before sleeping it helps takes away nightmares.
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I have anxiety and I over think most of the time even when I am lying in bed. Because of that, it causes me to have nightmares most of the time. There are times that I have nightmares everyday. I hate it. You know what I overcome it by doing these things. I do not watch scary movies. I tend to save memories of the scary scenes that when I go to bed surely when I start dreaming I became one of the character. I only watch scary movies when I know I will not going to sleep immediately. I also do not sleep immediately when I am too tired. When we are too tired, the monster in our subconscious mind started to appear in our dream. It is really bad and sometimes, some people cannot wake up from that dream. it is good to have some rest before hitting the bed when we are too tired.
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I've had nightmares at the most unlikely times in my life when all has been calm and there have been no worries. Dreams occur during the stages of Rapid Eye Movements and can evoke either pleasurable or frightening sensations. They are a normal reaction to stress and as long as they don't happen too frequently they are nothing to worry about. If you are having too many nightmares talk to someone you trust and try to work out what could be causing them.

Some people however seem to have recurring nightmares due to a traumatic event in their life. They replay the same scary scenario over and over and could need therapy to help. If recurrent nightmares affect normal functioning of every day life then it is considered a problem and should be dealt with professionally but for most of us it is just the mind's way of working through events in our daily lives.
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There are many factors why nightmare occurring during our sleep. The reasons are you have negative thoughts in your mind, you encountered bad experience before you sleep, you are worrying too much about something, and you have problems that you want to get rid of.
Now to avoid nightmares, You should free yourself on your anxiety, worries, and fears. It is better to change how you think and respond in every situation you are encountering. Also, it is a big factor in how you see things and problems. You should look at things very positively, having this kind of thinking will help you to live more peacefully and happier. Nonetheless, It is always the best to pray and ask help to our God before we sleep. Give your every burden to Him and Trust Him that He will help you with your life. Do These things you will be nightmare free.

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