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I always work overtime and just a week ago, I experienced fatigue from overwork. Can anyone tell me the best drink for health to help me stay active and relieve fatigue and stress? Thanks!
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I would add the juice from Guyabano fruits, it is known for healing properties in our body. 

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4 Answers

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The best drinks would be:

  • Lime juice: Most refreshing and detoxifying drink ever. Helps burn fat when taken after waking up in the morning.
  • Coconut water: Helps to revive appetite during fever and infections. Helps rejuvenate body.
  • Oral rehydration solution: Helps cure dehydration.
  • Sugarcane Juice: Instant source of glucose and fluids to combat heat.
  • Orange Juice: Full of vitamin C and a source of energy.

​Hope this answer helps.


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I like more the coconut water because they can cleans ypur system, and it's good for people who suffered from kidney problems or urinary tract infections.
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Fresh juices is the best drink for health . Fresh vegetables and fruits contains high level of nutrient no add preservatives its very good drink for health . best online essay writing service Pomegranate juices contains  macronutrient , micronutrient , folate , minerals and antioxidant . Basically antioxidant is helped to increase immune powers Grapes juices contain vitamins c and vitamin B6 . Grapes reduced the lipoproteins cholesterol .
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As lonng as fruit juice is naturally made not from concentrated ones I would agree. 
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There is fruit by the name of Mangosteen. The mangosteen juice is the best organic juice to drink if you are looking to energize yourself. The rare natural fruit is grown in the dense rainfall forest. It is new to some parts of the world but it has many benefits which everyone must know.
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Yeah, it's my favorite. Actually we can have an energetic day by having a mangosteen juice every morning.
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I only heard capsule from Mangoesteen, will find out where to buy juice soon.
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They say that mangosteen or any drink that has mangosteen will make you energize. Since you are using lots of energy from over work, you can get over fatigue for sure. Over fatigue could soon targets your organs like Kidney and Liver. If you really want add a supplements to your food and drink vitamins too. Also, do not forget to drink lots of water. Drinking supplements that has antioxidant will help you to be fresh even if you are working too hard. It even help you to sleep at night because for sure it will be hard to sleep when you super stress during daytime.Drink water more than your body needs to protect your kidney. If you can finish your work on time so that you will not rendering over time, much better so that you can have a full rest at home.
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I have heard that Mangoesteen is good for health, they even jave capsule for it, but never heard about the juice yet. 
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