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Most like to get married or see others get married and situation is worse in Asian countries where if you are late for marriage, you will be asked over and over again, if why you are not getting married. 
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I don't think so. YOu can find your happiness in lots of things in this life. You can be happy even when you are single. It really depends of what makes you truly happy.

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No, It's not necessary and it's our wish if we like to get married or not and we can see many that are married and not happy and on the other hand, not married and happy. I have also experienced this thing with many that like to ask us and our parents that why your son or daughter is not getting married or what are they planning about their marriage and most of the times it's the annoying Neighbors and close relatives that ask these sort of things and make all of us uncomfortable by asking questions which we don't like to answer. I think these sort of things make many feel depressed and then they even decide to stay inside most of the times and don't attend any public gatherings.
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Probably not for everyone but the majority of people feel it gives them security and I think if there are children involved then it is nice for them to all have the same surname. I got married for the sake of my children but it didn't work out so I would not do it again. Now I have a partner that I don't live with and that suits me fine as I like my own space.

As you say some people feel pressured into getting married because it is the norm not just in Asian countries but sometimes here in the UK too so they might marry having doubts just so they can be like everyone else.

I am very happy being single now. My marriage was happy for a time but when it broke down it was one of the worst times of my life so my answer is no, you don't need to be married to be happy in life.
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I always tell people happiness is within and has nothing to do with  external things we see or have.Nothing gives one happiness like contentment, appreciating and loving what one has.Marriage never bring the needed satisfaction we crave for,if it was then we wouldn't have depressed married people around and high rare of divorced now.

Good life is encompassing, it doesn't means only marriage, good life can mean a whole lot from having good friends, loads of money to buy all that you need and touring all the places you seek of.

Society just have a way of putting pleasure on people and this is what we should understand because when once you get married you will be pressurized about child birth and the pressure continues.
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It is not just in Asia, even in Africa this is the case. Once you attain a certain age or stage in life, you are expected to be married. Some are forced in an arranged marriage while others give in to the pressure and marry the next person available and in the quest for happiness, it turns out sour.

It isn't always like this with love marriages even though there are different circumstances that make marriages fail. Sometimes pressured and arranged marriages work out fine.

One thing for sure is that marriage is not a guarantee for happiness especially when you get married for the wrong reasons. I've seen a lot of single happy people. It is possible that some find happiness within marriage only. They enjoy the status, keeping a home and raising kids. Others are better off by themselves.
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Although it is possible to be happy without marriage, but we cannot overlook the benefits of marriage as institution. Because the bible said he who finds a wife finds a good thing.

But there are those individuals out there that will  be comfortable and happy without marriage. And this depends on so many factors. Some of which could be as a result of religious beliefs, like the priest, monks and nuns. While others could be as a result of personal reasons, like those who doesn't want to make any form of commitment to anybody.

Despite the fact that some are not married doesn't mean they cannot be happy. Happiness is really not a function of any attachment to anybody but to personal achievement of one's purpose in life.

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