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They say that when you are angry, you have a lot of emotions with you, but what is the reason behind not giving a decision when you are angry?
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Because when you are angry, you are not thinking straight. You can decide for a thing which you will regret in the long run.

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Any decision done in anger is most times not appropriate at that time people are just emotional and hormones are running riots.Making one very confuse and not thinking straight,in such a state it will really be difficult to think right let alone take the right decision.

My experience with anger is like one goung mad for some minutes. Everything seem disgusting and nauseating it like one will puke out the intestine the next minutes. In that state I wonder what kind of awesome decision can come out of it.

Deciding on a thing and getting the appropriate desire especially a good and a valuable one is being calm and collected, anything outside that might lead to lifetime of regrets.
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I totally understand how this happens and this is exactly happening to me when I am angry and deciding from it. It looks bad  so I am avoiding like this to happens.
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Some times our emotions stand in the way of making ration decisions.  However, if you make a "pro" and "con" list you will be better to come up with a logical answer.  It's easier though to think with our heart than it is to rationalize things though, but some times when thinking with the heart we miss out on opportunities because our emotions interfere with possibilities we could have taken instead of going with our emotions.

A good example of this is if you have a fear of something and you have to make a decision, yet your fear (emotion of this fear) is preventing you to do something you might really like to do.  Your fear/emotion is holding you back from doing this new thing that you might actually love.
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Our emotions is getting our way and I agree with you. It could lead up to bad decision that we will regret in return.We must have to settle down before starting to make a decision.
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When some people are angry, they do not make rational decisions. Anger tends to cloud our thinking and if we act at that moment, we may regret it. When you are angry, it is only natural instincts for you to try and defend and justify your feelings.

When we make decisions without a clear head, it may be biased and unrealistic because it is usually under the influence of rage. Almost like how people do things they wouldn't ordinarily do because they are under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

It is best to calm down first. When we think about it later, we may even realize that we have a fair share of whatever query it is that caused a feud. I've acted out of anger before and later I realized that what I did was totally uncalled for.
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I agree and we tend to decide that will be the disadvantage of the person or things that cause us to be angry. In that way we thought it is a form of revenge and make us feel good, but it is not.
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It is true that when you are angry you become highly emotional negatively and at that point your reasoning and judgements might not corresponds to your inner most intention when your in are  your normal state.
For instance you have  very tough timely decision to make, while you are at the point of reasoning or filtering the options available before you Make  decision and  someone upset you,  it very possible that if you make any decision at that point you may make wrong decision because as human  our brains respond differently  in certain conditions. When we are relaxed and happy our decisions are mostly positive and conscented but if we are angry or tensed our decisions are unwilling and negative.
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As for experience, it leads me to wrong decision, that is why I need stay away, separate myself and cool down. It always lead me to regret when I am deciding when I am angry.
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It actually means you shouldn't make decision when you're ticked of because if you do it will only expose the other side of you you would later regret after acting angrily.

Sometimes, we are faced with irritating situations that are meant to try our temperaments, it is better in such moments to calm down and take in a deep breath before taking any decision.

A decision made out of anger can not be undone, it will only put you in a bad light in the eyes of those that once respect you comportment.

It is like trying to get back a spilled milk into the container it was poured out from. Any effort in attempting to get the milk back will definitely end up in futility. Same goes for the phrase don't decide when you're angry.
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It will always be vague when you decide when you are angry because you will be biased just to make up of how you feel. I agree on you. We should cool down first and let a day passed before deciding for something.
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Anger is a powerful feeling that can happen when a person is frustrated, hurt, annoyed or disappointed. During these moments, our emotion tend to cloud our senses, which prevents us from making rational decisions. Oftentimes, when we feel so much anger, we get so impulsive that we react immediately to the situation instead of analyzing or thinking things over. We act based only on what we perceive and totally forget how to be empathetic and compassionate. We fail to recognize how others feel because we have this strong emotion dictating us that we've been offended, and that we have to return the same or more than the amount of hurt that we received. Hence, we are advised not to decide anything when we are angry because we might end up regretting our decisions. As the Chinese proverb says, "Once a word leaves your mouth, you cannot chase it back even with the swiftest horse."

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Sometimes we are face to react because the other person is forcing us, sometimes situations puts us in a decision but still it is best to decide when you are not angry.
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If the situation really requires you to decide immediately, then do what psychologists say: count 1-10 before you speak.
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Most of the worst decisions made are as a result of anger. When you're angry, you don't always think of the consequences because emotions are in control. Take an instances when you're angry, for some people when you wrong them, they'll tend to hit you with anything that comes their way. They fail to note that maybe that may lead even to death of someone. According to me, I think the devil always take advantage of someone's anger to destroy things.

The best way out to handle situations when you're angry is by remaining calm. No matter how bitter you feel, just remain cool to avoid a lot of unnecessary scandals. I have seen someone killing his close friend simply because of something petty which they could have solved in a mature way.
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I agree or you might want to lock yourself in the room until you feel calm because when you are angry sometimes it is hard to think the right way.
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The reason behind why we shouldn't make a decision when we are angry is because, anger makes us blind mentally, which makes us make a not logical or well-planned decision. Anger is the emotion that blackened our mind. It also blocked other advise or opinion of others, when we are angry we could only think of ourselves and sometimes we get to the point that we want to hurt the people who angered us. It also the anger that makes us not to think right, we tend to do bad things when we are angry because sanity is not with us. That is the reason why we should always be calm in every situation even if we are angry so that we can think clearly and respond in a very effective and right way.
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I agree and sometimes, we need to release our anger, but never give decision in the middle of it because surely it will be a selfish decision that could affect other people too.

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