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When you graduate from college and move on with your life, with a new job, possibly to a new city entirely whether it be Bangalore, Kolkata or Gurgaon, the first thing to plague your happy little daydreams of a well-settled life will be the worry about finding the perfect apartment. With rising prices, it is almost impossible even for well-settled, family men to get their money’s worth; it will be even harder for a fresh young college graduate to find one that ticks all the boxes. However, just to help you out, here are a few things to remember when you are making your choices:

1. The price:

Often times it so happens that one apartment that you like is out of your budget. That is why it is better to set your budget before actually looking at any apartments. The prices might be hiked also, just before you make the transaction in response to a better offer, but then that’s where your bargaining skills come into play. Of course if you’re lucky enough no such things will happen and you’ll be spared the haggling. So set your budget and then go hunting for your dream home.

2. Size:

While affordability is the first criteria, size is also of the first importance since it is an area that is often compromised upon. Pro-tip: Don’t. Here’s the thing, you should not really compromise on the size because once you buy the apartment you will have to live with it. So if the apartment that you are looking at seems too small for the price that you’re paying for it; leave it; there are plenty of other apartments on the market.

3. Locality and transport:

The location and the transportation connections are important parameters that determine the desirability of an apartment. You wouldn’t want to get stuck in a rowdy neighbourhood in a place that’s barely connected to any transportation systems. Not only would that be a poor choice of accommodation, it would also be extremely unsafe. So make sure to scout out the neighbourhood of the apartment that you are going for.

4. Landlord:

Last, but no less important you should know your landlord. This person will be collecting your rent (or settling your payment if you’re buying the apartment instead of renting). You should have complete transparency with him. If your landlord isn’t a man that you think you can get along with it is safer to not buy that apartment at all. There are lots of other 3 BHK in Gurgaon that are available with the onset of a number of 3BHK affordable projects.

These four tips are essential for apartment hunting. Of course the parameters for the flats will vary with the number of rooms. If you’re a fully settled family you should look for 3 BHK in Gurgaon that seem to be available in abundance at the moment with the upcoming 3BHK affordable projects, if you’re single then you should look for smaller apartments or studio apartments will be easier on your pocket. However, don’t compromise on quality. Happy apartment Hunting!

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The growing needs and unavailability of residential areas lead to the spring up of apartments and flats. There are certain advantages of buying a flat rather than a house.24 hrs security, recreation area, kids play area, uninterrupted water/power supply etc are some of the best amenities you can enjoy while you have an apartment. Most of the flats are located in a pivotal area that is well connected to major destinations. Here are some of the things you should remember before buying a flat or apartment.

Fix a budget

Compare the cost of the property with various builders. For example, if your preferred location is Kochi, then search for the best flats in Kochi in online portals, new papers etc.

Check whether Legally Authorized or Not

It is very important to verify that the property is legally authorized by the authorities like having approvals from local development authorities, water supply and sewage boards, electricity boards and Municipal Corporation.


You should have a clear estimate from the builder about the time period of possession. If there will be any delay there should be a valid explanation for the same. The builder is responsible to pay a monthly penalty to you in the case of any delay occur in the flat's possession.

Additional Charges

Hidden and additional charges like registration fee, stamp duty, taxes etc will be kept in mind before buying a property. 

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I got confused because I thought you want an answer to your question but when I opened the question, you already know the answer. Anyway, if I were to ask if what will be the basis of looking for an apartment, I will first think of the location. I will search an apartment that is near at work, safe, with right security and of course, not a flooded area. Second, i will check if I can afford it. I really hope to find a place that fits the budget. Third, if the wifi or internet is strong in the area. There are places that even internet signal cannot pass through. I have an online job at night so Internet is much needed. The next thing is if the house fits my family and pets. I also wants to know the environment, if the people are have patience and understanding with pets.
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Looks like you have laid down most of the important points. According to me, here are the 4 most important things to look for when you are hunting an apartment , either for rent or for buying it for investment purposes :

1. Area / Development and facilities - This is the key factor. Even if we end up getting a really fancy apartment at a very less rent or buying price, but if there is going to be no super-markets , ATMs or hospitals around in nearby 10km radius, then it is a dead investment

2. Quality of the construction / Verified Builders - This matters a lot as there are a lot of builder who cheat people and deprive them of their property by canceling booking or constructing on lands which are not owned by them

3. Pricing - Rent / Price per sq ft for buying, it has to be reasonable and within our budget

4. Community and People - They matter a lot to build a very healthy and positive lifestyle.
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I can totally relate to the situation that you have just mentioned. After graduation, I struggled for quite awhile in looking for an apartment that would be best suited to my needs and lifestyle while also taking into consideration the list that you have provided.

After a series of moving-in and moving-out of apartments; I realized that no matter how I try, there will always be a slim chance of being able to tick all of the conditions I'm looking for, and that there will always be compromises. Oftentimes, apartments with strategic locations are way too pricey. I wouldn't want to live in such place if that would mean I won't be able to eat 3x a day. On the other hand, cheap apartments are often located in the innermost parts of the cities; hence, transportation fare (not to mention the physical stress) may also be costly.

Hence, whenever I'm looking for a new apartment, I just tend to weigh factors that are necessary and those that will be easy for me to let go.
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You stated just right,when once I'm looking for an apartment I start with looking at the proximity to my workplace and church.These are two places I can't just do without. So my location shouldn't be too far away from them for easy movement in case I can't be mobile some days.

The area itself need to be accessed properly that it isn't a ghetto where mosquitoes wouldn't let one be and hoodlums would be visiting one can never have piece of mine in such areas.So security tight area is important.

Availability of utilities, the road in the location should be motorable, the should be good clean water supply, good power supply at least 8-15 hours daily and the neighborhood should just be human friendly.

The landlord should also be the responsive type.

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