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I am now busy with creating a new online hardware shopping website? I am also planning a blog related to the same topic. Should I keep my blog together with my website or it should be on a separate domain? Which one will be nice for users and SEO purposes?
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You should keep your blog and website the same - your blog can be another page of your main website. This helps your audience find your content easier. 

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You are better to put your blog and website together instead of having it on two domains if your blog contents are relevant to the niche of website. If it is a general blog or a blog with different niche you're better go with seperate ones.
Here are some advantages if blog and website are not on seperate domains.
1. Ease of use - People may find it easier to navigate or bookmark your contents
2. Credibility - If your blog and website are on the same domain then users will come to know that the blog belongs to the same website only.
3. Better SEO - If all the relevant contents of the blog are related to the website niche on the same domain it will bring more organic search traffic.
4. Updation - As blogs are frequently updated than a website pages your overall domain feels and looks like refreshed. Thus more incoming traffic.
5. Social media integration - There is a better way to integrate with all social media pages of the website and blog. So more centralised link building and user shares in common.

So make your blog and website together on a single domain if both are of a same niche or a closely related subject.
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Today so many site builders will include the blog site with your website. I think it is a great idea to add the two together because normally your blog site is about your website niche. This helps your website and blog site rank as one and will give you a lot more credibility with your site visitors. You just need to make sure that you update your blog site on a regular basis and continue to add content. Make sure that you build a sitemap that includes your website pages and your blog pages. This is very important and a lot of people overlook this when building a website and blog combined.
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