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My goal in life is to be successful in whatever i do. from my career to being a successful wife and mother. I don't think Goals come only once in our lives we are always coming up with goals as life moves on.

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Am on my final year at the university and I can say at the moment my goal is finishing school and be in a position to secure job within my country. Have been making several promises to my mom how I'll change her life whenever I get that job of my dream but then seems like its taking forever. But then, have come from way too far and now am.only counting months and soon I'll be out of school to start hunting jobs everyday, everywhere.
At times, ladies we get messed up and you find yourself giving birth along the way before seeing your success. I promised myself, this will never happen to me until that day I'll accomplish all my dreams. I feel like having a baby at the moment will slow down the rate at which I have to accomplish these dreams. I always believe in making hay as the sun shines.
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It is part of the process I guess to stumble and fall before we will taste our success, so make us feel and say that " I've been there".
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My main goal in life is to find the goal. I have been in this world for quite some time now yet I still can't figure out the reason for my existence. I may just be overthinking stuff but this thought has always been in my mind. I mean, we are just temporary beings; hence, I think we are all in this world for a unique reason. We are meant for something.

I have posted a question before about how others knew their purpose in life and it's quite interesting to know their stories. Most of them did really undergo a lot of hindrances before they realize that this is what they are meant for. I think I had a fair share of troubles and failures  in life but I don't think they have gotten me any closer to the "ultimate" goal. Again, I might just be overthinking things.

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My main goal with life is to be able to escape the money problem. Almost everyday, my family are worrying about money. Even we have money, we still worry if we have money on the next few months, that is why I make sure I have emergency funds. I make a big leap and extra effort, working online to have passive and continuous emergency funds. My mission is to have a day that I don't have to worry about money. With that goal, I have lots of plans to execute, almost everyday and I will work nonstop to get those. It is not easy but as long as I have lots of plans, I never give up. That is why this site is really helpful and as much as possible, I try to be active because this site gives me the opportunity to earn as addition to what I am earning at present.
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I think we all have the same problem, money. But the fact that money is just a cycle, we earn, we save,we spend.
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My main goal in life is to contribute my quota to the uplifting of  humanity in different areas that I can.Like my favourite song from the legend" Heal the world" I just want to see the world being a better place for everyone to live in it.

I owe this service to my family, self,society and world at large.This has been a burning goal in me to achieve. I need to support everything emotionally, psychologically, financially, physically and otherwise. I have started already I hope to do more that when I look back few years from now I will literary pat myself on the back.

I want to start achieving my goal on a higher Level,the benefits and rewards should be more visible and I'm looking at partnering with people like NGOs to make my dreams come true.
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You have  a huge heart helping others and knows that someone like you is all we need in the society.
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At this moment in time it is to raise my granddaughter and see her grow into a well adjusted and happy human being. Everything else has been put on hold for the time being but it would have been very different if I didn't have custody of her. I think I would like to travel a bit, visit countries that I have never been to and generally have a life where I am not tied, Hopefully if my health is still good in five or so years I will be able to do this.

Life doesn't always turn out the way you expect. You can make plans but sometimes events will come along and change what you hoped for so that you have to make different goals. It doesn't mean you can't achieve the original goals but more that you might have to wait longer than you expected. Sometimes you might find that you will have to make new goals which turn out better for you in the long term. Life is full of twists and turns,
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With no atom of doubt and without mincing words, I have come to realization that when it comes to my goals in life, I am moving according to divine intervention. Don't get me wrong, please. Looking at how series of events in life has unfolded, right from when I was born up until now, I have figured out that no single plan or goal of mine have I on my own brought to fruition.
There are has been number of times I have planned to get something done, but before I would know what's going on another thing greater and better would replace it. No matter how hardworking I have been, things doesn't just work out for me as I have always planned.
All these experiences made me to have the unflinching conviction that there is greater force(God) working in my favour in achieving my goals in life. I am doing my best with the immediate short-term goals but the long-term ones, I have surrendered everything to the divine Will of God to take absolute preeminent control of them all.
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My main goal in life is to be successful in life and to serve God. Now I'm not that successful because I quit easily with jobs that I had before. I try to do my best starting business at home.
I know life is empty without God so one of my main goal is to seek God in my life and to put Him first.
I also pray for the success of my whole family. My goal or dream is for us to prosper and get out of poverty.
I do everything everyday to achieve my goal in life although sometimes it is hard to achieve and there are hindrances.

I know I can reach my goal if I have wisdom and I have power for living which is God. For now even if I'm not that successful my siblings are all successful in their career. We also have our own car now.

I please God through prayer and being a righteous person.
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Yes, without God we are nothing,I believe that God is everything in this world we live in.
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My main goal in life is to be successful, touch people's life for good and most importantly worship my God till I depart this world.
The struggle in life is a continuous process with a narrow end that is tamed to be nothing other than comfort because if you are comfortable you are automatically successful and when you are comfortable you will be able to worship your God to the fullest and if that is scheduled then you are fulfilled.
Accumulation of wealth is not success but the little you have and how you utilize it such that you touches the life the ordinary and vulnerable people around you will make you to be successful and be remembered for all the time., I constantly to God to give me the opportunity to help the needies


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