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My lover is not talking to me by phone. I think, he is avoiding me. Earlier, we usually talks about one hour daily. Now he is not interested and says 'I am busy'. What can I do?
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The I am busy tone means something. It means he is busy or wants to be busy so that he will find ways to have an excuse, or he is plainly making an excuse. You should leave a message of how you feel about it. 
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You should be able to tell when someone is no longer interested in you. By their actions you should be able to do this. Like the "I am too busy" statement shows something is off. Try to confront him if he is fed with being with you instead of acting funny.

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Hello Teena, I think you firstly you should not just conclude he is avoiding you, he might be going through some personal problems be it emotionally which might affect his communication with u. 

And secondly, I can see you are a lady with a beautiful heart, so you need to be positive about your relationship with him no matter what. 


Then you really need to find a way to see him personally since I believe your relationship is not just online thing, so make a way to see him because even if u decided to send a direct message to him or mail him he might not still respond,so meet him one on one, ask him what happened passionately, tell him how much you are worried not hearing from him, let him know how important he is to u and surely with all this tenderness and sure he will open up for you and tell you his stand. 
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Hi Teena, I suggest to try reaching him by sending him a direct personal message to his personal accounts that you may know of like email, text message to his phone, or through his personal social media accounts. Just let him know if it's possible for you to at least meet in person so that you can inform him directly of your feelings. When you're able to talk face to face, you can ask him directly if he's still interested in continuing further a relationship with you and that you would really appreciate his honesty. I'm sure you're a lovely woman and a person who truly loves you would make time to let you know and make you feel special.
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Wow !  No other answer can be better than this.  Great
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Good one, There is no chance for a positive reply from him.
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There are many reasons why a person stops calling or talking on the phone. Speaking each day on the phone can take up a lot of time a person might not have if they have other problems to deal with. Furthermore, if he is living at home with his parent's they could be angry with him for spending so much time on the phone. They are the ones paying the bill and might be putting pressure on him because of how long he talks to you each day. You'll need to consider the different reasons why this has changed. I personally feel if you two cared about each other so much that you'd rather spend the time talking in person and not always on the phone. He might need more of a personal touch and feels like a phone call is rather cold.

The only true way to find out what has happened is by confronting him face to face. I would suggest that you arrange some sort of an event and ask him to attend. You can prepare a nice romantic dinner and invite him over. Tell him it is a special evening and you've worked all day on preparing this for him. You could also go over to his place and bring take out to eat together. I would really consider trying to plan a romantic evening together where you can talk face to face and work out the problems. If you really care about him then show him how much you care and how you want to be with him. Do something special.
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Wow, wonderful answer again ! Teena Collins is getting very nice advice here from our Answeree community
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You are right! Confronting him is the very best way. You just have to prepare yourself to whatever he may tell you. Men are polygamist we can't change that but we can control it. Never give up on him! there are just relationship  that needs storm in order to learn strengthen it the next time.
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You're both adults, you should sit down and sethle your issues, if he doesn't open up then there's an issue .Maybe he's going through hard times and needs quite some time alone to compose himself.

Maybe you let him be alone for quite some time if it persists then maybe he really wants to end the relationship or is seeing someone else.
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As you mentioned here you both were used to talk about one hour daily. But now he is avoiding you saying he is busy for unknown reasons. Let me ask you one thing, did he stopped this conversation or making calls suddenly in a day or gradually decreased the call time length. If he stopped it all of a sudden then there may be some difficulties with him that making him tensed which he don't want to disclose with you. Or there may be any misunderstanding about you in his mind. If he gradually withdrawn from talking to you then there is more chance that he might be having some other relationship growing behind the scenes. Anyway, don't take my words as a conclusion until you confirm it by any means. Be cool Teena. You can be more likeable by others than you think. Regards

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