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Green tea is a very healthy beverage with very great properties in it that aid the well being of the body. Green green has great nutritional value and it a good oxidants for the body.

If you need to lose weight then you will do well by taking green tea maybe a cup or two daily it will help curb appetite which will help you refrain from taking in more calories and binge eating.

Green tea helps to cleanse the system.Removing toxics and free radicals from the body therefore helping imporoved your brains functioning and also reduce chances of one having cancer .

It also helps to speed up one's metabolism and help one expend calories faster. So many health benefits of drinking green tea but like every other consumption it should be taken in moderation.
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I have been plagued by stomach bug and upset for a while in my life and it gives me so much discomfort that I find it very difficult to eat anything as I desire because should I do so, I would be visited with serious purging that might leave me ended up admitted in the hospital. This have actually happened once in my life when I ended up being admitted in the hospital as a result of serious purging for 3 weeks as a result of what I ate.
It was after this experience that one good friend of mine who saw how bad I suffered from purging recommended taking both green tea and black tea to help detox my stomach and body system. I felt reluctant to drink both the tea but once I started taking it, my stomach took like three days before I started seeing the difference. Today, I hardly purge.
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In almost all countries throughout the world, tea is a favorable drink among all types of people. Research has been carried out on tea, especially green tea and it is found that green tea is found very good for your health. Why? It is because it can prevent a lot of diseases, even the serious diseases. Drinking tea is also said to improve your happiness.

Therefore, what makes the tea, a healthy drink among people? Of course, it is difficult to find out for sure. At the same time, the main reason is believed to be the antioxidants that are present in tea. Antioxidants are said to guard the body's cells and also the cells' DNA from some groups of damaging substances. Vitamin C and E are said to be the most common antioxidants.
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