This is a very common habit by most people whenever they are going to do their toilet business, their smartphone always goes with them.

Are you among the people who are guilty of this habit? 
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I do not use my smartphone in the toilet because I think that it may get spoiled if we handle it with wet hands.
I used to do this alot when I was much younger but now I don't.i just get in fast into the toilet and get out as fast as possible. I don't feel comfortable in there. 

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Emphatically yes. I know it might sound weird to be in the loo and be fiddling with your phone, but that's just what it is with me. And this is often happens, especially if I was doing something with my phone and suddenly nature calls, I would instantly be left with no other option than to go with my phone to the toilet. While I am there can get done whatever it is I was working on.
Funny enough, this act of playing with my device while in the toilet is something that has become habitual to me that I often relish the company of being with it. I kind of wonder some times if I am the only person who prefer being with his phone in the toilet. I don't know what it is with me, I just love either surfing or playing games or listening to music with phone in the toilet.
What I have discovered is that, it helps in getting me distracted from the unpleasant smell emanating from my poo.
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I can still remember those days when I would pick my phone and enter the toilet and stay more than 30 minutes in there. My mother kept shouting on top of her voice for me to get out of there because another person wants to use the toilet. 
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I think it is not bad to have your cellphone with you in the toilet, I do it too. I use it or listen to some music. What you just need to do is to put it in a place that is safe because if not it might drop in the floor that could damage it or in the toilet itself. There is nothing bad in having it in the toilet if you will just clean the phone after you had gone to the bathroom. Or you can put it in a zip lock and still use it while you are doing your thing in the bathroom. Just remember to wash your hand carefully or do not let the water enter the phone because you need to dry it before using that if not, it could damage the inside of your phone. If you do the things I shared on this, then I think it is okay to have your phone with you inside the bathroom. It lessens the boredom and you can enjoy your bathroom activity.
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It simply keeps me company when doing my business. I seem to have more fun chatting with people when seated on the toilet. It gives a different feeling of comfort and satisfaction.
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Sincerely i'm guilty of  such act because I do it a lot and I equally enjoy it. Going to toilet with phone make the toilet more interesting because the system will be busy with both actions. Have we ever heard the statement " best brains are in the comfort zone, which is the toilet"?.

If you've not tried it before please take a test and the trier will convince you that brain thinks 100‰ better in the toilet. I'm a living testimony of such act; at afew months back I was faced with much challenging problem that requires a lot of thought before making a position. Trust me, after trying several means to find answers and no meaningful result. I tried my toilet style, guess what! I found the best answer and I was marvel.

However, making it an addiction is ve4y bad.
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Honestly, yes I do bring my phone when going to toilet but not all the time. I tend to bring it to the toilet if I am doing surveys on my phone or if I am chatting with my friends. It makes me entertain while doing toilet. It is funny when bringing phone to the toilet but that's how it is. You have to do what you need to do.

I never drop my phone in the toilet, luckily! Or else I would never bring my phone anymore. I don's always do it just from time to time if doing important matter on my phone and I don't wanna missed it. Sometimes I if I am watching videos I have to used Bluetooth headphones so the people around the house would not hear it. But, as long as I can I avoid bringing my phone when I am doing toilet so, I will avoid dropping it by accident and I will regret it later on.
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If you're taking a statistics then count me in because I'm very good and comfortable at this, I just like to do this  while in the white house which is what I call my toilet. But truthfully I do enjoy my loo time better with my phone in my hands. Sometimes I want to stay a little bit longer so I know the only way I can achieve this is by surfing the internet while defecating and it has been useful.
I have been using my smartphone to and fro the toilet since I started using my phone very often to browse and I never knew how unhealthy it can be until I read online that it isn't good to use a phone in the toilet since bateria from the toilet might settle on the phone and might cause any sickness to us, though I don't really know how true it can be but I'm trying to reduce the frequency now.
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