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I was born in the time when things were sweet and interesting for the family and growing up looks so impressive and lovely. My father was working and earning a very lucrative salary and my hope was to have a colourful life. Suddenly things started changing, first; armed robbers came to rub our hone and went away with important tthings, the next month after thenthen, my dad got fired due to missing money strolling or missing. On investigation, they got to know its a brother to the owner of the company that actually stole the money, insteading of calling dad back, the owner of the company decided to employ another staffs. Everything became bitter for the family even to eat a meal now became through miracle. Life continued like that to the extend that I nearly or almost got out of school. But my mom stood her ground and started doing petty jobs. I was advice by both parents to remain focus and so I did.
I managed to finish primary and secondary and was able to pay waec fee the morning the exam us closing. It was never funny at all. I got my result and without delay secured admission into higher institution with favour from God. Life became more tougher and suffering was much. But today I'm a graduate per excellence. So that is my accomplishment and I hope for more fulfillment.
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I do not know whether you are asking about my online accomplishment or offline accomplishment. Anyhow, I will presume that you want to know about my/our online accomplishment. You and other people like you very well know that almost all revenue share websites pay only peanuts and some even broken peanuts for your contribution to their website.

In such a miserly online world, there was (and is) a website called It was a article writing website that offered $5 for each article written for them. Luckily, I spotted that website in the nick of time, wrote 25 articles for them and earned $125. Unfortunately, good things and good people never last, and the site stopped paying.This is the only accomplishment for me online.
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My biggest accomplishment thus far in life is nothing related to earthly things, but how I am blessed beyond all the cares that are in this world. I would have gone for all the earthly things like academic achievements, career fulfilment and many more, but to me all that is fleeting. They have nothing to do with eternal values, which are my main pursuit as a pilgrim in this world.

So far so good, so many things are happened that has made me to have different orientation about life. When I was much younger, I actually thought I have the power to make things happen all myself, until I realized that there is greater force that presides over the affairs of men. And this force is no other than the Almighty God.
My experiences have taught me that all that I have accomplished in life is nothing compare to the unmerited love, favour and blessings He's shown to me by keeping me alive in spite of all odds that were against me to see this day.

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