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Planning a wedding is very stressful, especially if you want a large wedding with a sit-down dinner. The planning stage, making sure everything has been done and getting the invitations out on time all take a skilled person who can organize and accomplish these tasks. One great way I learned to accomplish all this was through delegation. Don't try to do it all on your own.

  1. Make a list of what needs to be done.
  2. Break the list down into easy tasks that a single person could accomplish for you.
  3. Make sure the task that you ask a person to do won't interfere with your plans and cause an issue in the end.
  4. Now meet with both of your families. Have a dinner to present this to them. The family is the best way to get things done.
  5. Ask them for their help. Tell them about the lists and what needs to be done. Explain that they can easily complete these tasks to help out. They will be so happy to help you plan your wedding. Furthermore, this will help bring you closer to his family in the end.
  6. Tell people to text you anytime if they can't decide on the color or what items you'd like.
In the end, each person plays a small role in your wedding and your stress levels go way down. You are able to accomplish everything that needs to be done. In the end, your wedding is a beautiful day. 
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I helped in organizing for the simple wedding of a good friend before. They invited me as a wedding singer and end up one of the organizer and donated some of my money. I never thought that my simple role would be stressful and that is to find a band that will play music on the wedding ceremony. I learned to make a research first and thorough review. I even learned how to trust stranger but for a little while only, for the wedding only. I also learned how to know myself when handling the stress in wedding planning. I remember I learned to ask help. Even the couple that about to get married ask help to everyone. Share your problems to your family because family will always supports you, even your closest friends. To add to this, just believe that great things happen if you want great things happen. You can make everything possible if you believe.
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When I was planning my wedding what I learned was the act of patience. I never knew event planners could also do very bad job of over seeing ones day. The tailors weren't left out the was a long delay in getting the groom suits ready it wasn't funny at all.

I have used that act of patience to learn a lot about life and try to always applied to other life's situations too. I don't expect too much again from people and I know I don't need to depend too much on people and most importantly I need to do most things myself to get it right.Because a day to my wedding I needed to do a lot of things myself because some things were done wrongly.
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The key thing is to use professionals at every step of preparation. Our wedding was in NY and it was really great (at least I think sowink). We paid special attention to the event furniture rental (NYC) and it wasn't in vain. It's a year since we got married and our guests keep talking about our weddingheart and they have profile pics made at our marvelous photo zone. 

If you delegate the preparation process to the professionals who have years of experience in this sphere, you will be less stressful on THE day and even if something goes wrong there will be people responsible for it and they will fix it immediately. 

One more thing I want to point out - is to plan everything thoroughly, write everything down and visualise in details the wedding you want to have. Thus you will have more chances to make your dream come true.

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