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Security of those that are coming for the wedding is something that is paramount when I think of wedding. The couple should put up tight security for those that will be attending. 
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When planning for your wedding on December, it's very important to make sure you have your transportation well taken care of because the road is always too busy to avoid your car disappointing. 

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The first biggest thing I will do when planning my wedding is to set the budget. It is very important to set the budget first so I would know how much money I could spend on things that are needed to the wedding like the venue, reception, wedding dresses, catering, and other stuff. After setting my budget I will now list what are necessary things that we need for the wedding. I will also set and identify how many friends and relatives that can attend the event. After I done listing all of those things, I will now search and find the venue suited to the theme of the wedding and then proceed to contact some catering services, it is better for me to secure the venue and catering service, especially when the target date is on December. It is because many are also want to get married during December or Holiday season.
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For me, wedding planned or scheduled for December is the perfect kind of arrangements that one could ever come up with. December is the time of the year that culminates into festivities, which for me, it won't be a bad idea to have wedding during such festive season, that will make the the whole celebration climax into a nuptial bliss. It will also be a perfect time because all my friends will not have excuses of not coming around.

The first thing I will take into comsiderstion is the time the wedding is to happen in that month of December. Should it be before Christmas or after Christmas? Definitely I will go for after Christmas so that the jollification will spill into the new year.

Another thing I will do that will make the whole celebration massive is making sure there is assorted foods and drinks that will cater for all and sundry that are the attendees.
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Marriage is a unique program which actually is planned according to taste and desires. I have witnessed many December wedding which the plan is not actually different from 5hose done in other months. Only that when planning a date in December, it is most advisable tto put it between Christmas and new year. Since many people will be available at that timetime. So the food should be made more available because many people will desire to attend.

So, it is most preferred to make the wedding just a day and as a Muslim, in the morning, the nikkah wolimat will be done at the bride's house and later in the evening, reception can take place in the grooms residents. But if both are from a distant environment, it is preferable to make the wedding two or three days.
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Fixing your wedding date in December is not always advisable because a lot of things can interfere with your wedding planning and make it very difficult to be successful or better still it would make it very difficult and expensive for you to manage and finance.
December is normally regarded as Christmas season and one thing that is very common in this time of the year is high cost of almost everything you would need to purchase in the market especially food stuff and cooking items. So, if you were supposed to spend $500 on food stuff and cooking items for your wedding in any other month but when you fix it in December, it's going to cost almost twice of that amount.
So, should I be forced to fix my wedding on December, I would make efforts to purchase food stuff and cooking items before December.

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