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Eating beans with bread is a common food here in my country. 

I wonder if it's the same thing in another country. 
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bean with egg? never tried that combination though.
I cant imagine the taste hehe
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It's not beans with eggs but beans with bread. 

It's actually a tasty food and I tip you to try it out. 
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In my country I eat bread with beans, we call it Monggo bread. It is yum for me because it's sweet, the beans is mash with sugar and put inside the bread in the center.
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Exactly, it's such a good food in my opinion because it makes me feel full very well whenever I eat it. Beans and bread is so yummy to eat. 
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I take bread with eggs and not beans. The thing is that I always try to watch the things that I eat to avoid having a stomach upset at the end. 

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There is nothing wrong in eating cooked beans and bread. Looking at it from nutritional perspective, this combination happens to be one of the cheapest, yet, healthiest balanced diet anybody can ever eat. It is understandable that this combination of foods might not be popular in other parts of the world, but by analyzing the nutritional composition of this food combo, it remains a major source of  protein and carbohydrate.

The health benefits of beans as a source of protein can not be overemphasized. It has been researched that most countries are not getting enough of protein, and the only way they can be reaping the benefits of this essential body building nutrient is through the eating of beans.

As for the bread, it is known for its carbohydrate source, which provides the body the much needed energy for it to carry out its daily activities.

Therefore, as for those that are still wondering whether beans and bread are good foods to eat, you can be rest assured that with this food, you're not only going to be in for a savouring meal but a nutritious one that can help you to stay healthy.
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Exactly! Beans and bread is a very nutritional meal. It's a combination of protein and carbohydrates. The protein part of it is what I enjoy most. 
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Beans and bread is actually a great combination that I eat a lot and I found unique as a meal in my country. Though it is not a food one can always eat rather once in a while. I love it most when the beans is cooked in a special way. Like jollof, with red palm oil well garnished with cow skin. The beans should be very y and not too watery. Then furnished with very soft bread.
It really makes me to remember my first day of tasting such meal in southwest part of my country. I actually visited a friend in my first yea4 in school. Though he has being hosting me about the meal right from school which in my place we actually eat beans but certainly not with bread and even not cooked in that way. We cook our own beans in white and make stew with it.So I enjoy beans and bread a lot.
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There are so many food which I could easily give up for beans and bread. Take rice for instance, I don't really enjoy it, so I would rather prefer to eat beans and bread over eating rice. 
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Yes I can totally relate with this.Nigerians don't joke with beans and bread with pap or tea or a combination of akara (bean cake) and bread heavenly taste. I like the combo alot it like a balanced mixing protein and carbohydrate together then we wouldn't lack nutrients for the body.Then one can also get nutrients from the pap or tea at least we will add milk or honey to them and then wash it down with clean bottled or sachet water.

This combo is very filling and it comes cheap too.i can remembering during my job search in Lagos these combo was like my saving grace.With less than a dollar I was having my bread,beans and pap from a nearby local food vendor and off I go job hunting. It was a nice experience and it's memories linger on.
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This combination is actually very popular in my country. I admit that I've tried it a couple of times while growing up. The taste is impeccable especially when the beans is very well cooked. Although I haven't eaten this in a really long time, it is definitely something great.

The good thing about it is that it used to be the cheapest source of a mixed diet of protein and carbohydrates. Not anymore though as beans is now quite costly here now.
I eat beans with rice or just porridge beans garnished with other assortment like crayfish, plantain etc. I also like the other beans products like the bean pudding and bean cakes. Beans has always been one of my favorite things to eat. Especially because of its high nutritional benefits.
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When the beans is cooked fine, it is always nice. I think that this is where we should focus on ensuring that we eat beans that are well cooked to avoid having stomach issues. 

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