If you have to choose betweenrich and poor,where do you want to belong and why? - Answeree
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Being rich will make me have all the good things of life and live a happy and fulfilling life. 

This is actually the main reason I want to be very rich in life. 
That's true, with money and wealth you can have everything you want and also you can help other people in need.
This has no other answer for sure. Who wants to be poor in this world? No one i guess we all want to be rich for some reason. For me i want to be rich so that i can live a comfortable life and also try to make the less fortuante around me live a better life too by helping out wherever i can.

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Am one of those people who do not share in the sentiments that poverty isn't an actual physical living condition but rather, a state of mind. That will put me on the list of those who prefer to be rich. Obviously, no one wants to be poor.

Poverty or being poor is simply refers to having little or no money, goods or other means of supporting one's livelihood. Being rich on the other hand is the complete opposite of poor. It will mean having a lot money, goods or various other means of supporting one's livelihood.

In the world we live today, every single thing we do revolves around money. Even the basic human needs of shelter, clothes, water and food requires money. Am not saying only the rich can afford this needs, people with average living conditions and even poor people can afford them too, but being rich makes it a plus as you'd never run out of those needs. So I see no reason why I should choose to remain poor and continue to suffer in order to make a living.
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I agree with you no need living in poverty ,there's no medal for that, even if there was I don't think it will worth anything. Being rich is alot better. 
My church Pastor would tell you that living in poverty is a curse and a choice. 

Nobody is born to be poor and in abject poverty, it's people's mindset that keeps them being rich or poor. 
Of course, nobody wants to be poor, being rich is what we think can answer all the needs the poor always wanted.
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I will never succumb to be poor and I don't want anyone to say otherwise for me. Nothing good has ever come out of poverty except misery, frustration and depression.i don't think we should ever want to be or remain poor even if we were born poor.i always reject brokenness even when I don't have.i always want to see the cup half full than sn empty cup.

I will always choose being rich, no need for pretense. The only thing is that I wouldn't allow money control me or make me do illegal things but for making money legally I'm all up for it. There are so many things to be done with money we just have to hustle and grind hard daily to make money which will cover our expenses, bills and luxuries too. I just need a comfortable life with my family.
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Seriously, if I remind poor after all the money my parents invested in my education and have nothing to show for it and make them proud and happy, then I'm a hopeless child. 
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This issue of poor and rich actually often gets me nauseous because the way people are using it to create serious disparity between the two it becoming too discrimatory. Society has made it such a way that those they perceived as the poor barely have equal privileges as the rich. And this has made live more difficult for the less privileged, which for me, it would be senseless to refer to them as poor.

Honestly, I don't share in the opinion that those that don't have material possessions are poor, because being poor is a matter of mindset. You can be seen as rich because you have all the flashy things and yet still be poor. You can be tagged rich when all you have is used for pushing the course for humanity, if it's not you poor. And if you're less privileged, and you are contributing your own quota to make this world a better place you are rich.
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Every reasonable and sound thinking human being wouldn't even need to be asked to choose between being poor and rich and it takes the individual more than five seconds to decide immediately and tell you that being rich would be his or her obvious choice. Why do people struggle so much in life to make money? It's all to have the financial breakthrough and being successful.

Personally, being rich is one of my life objectives. I don't think that I have anything else to live for if I'm not wealthy. Being rich is on top of my priorities because it will give me the opportunity to enjoy all the good benefits of life without having life difficult. Being bankrupt is not my desire, so I make efforts on daily basis to have my future secured with being rich.
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Yes indeed! You will do anything to get the things done and to achieve the desire of your heart.
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Rich! As simple and straight as that. Being rich will give me the liberty to do and be a lot of things. There's virtually everything that you can do with a lot of money and literally nothing that you can do without money putting love and emotions aside.

If you want to help the poor and needy, you need money for that. Society has been wired in such a way that it is centralized with money and you have no option but to make it if you want to survive. It is a sequence. The more you want from life, the more money you need. Take for example education. The higher degrees obtained, the more money spent.

I have a really long list for life achievements hence I can never settle for being poor. I am not sure there's anyone that wants that for themselves.
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Exactly! No pretension and no hesitant choices, it's a state of mind that you want to achieved something in life.
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I prefer being rich. I guess all do prefer being rich. Money is necessary for happy living. Being rich made me to fulfill all my dreams and desires. 
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