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Answeree have so many good features and nice upgrades. 

What do you love most about the site?

Mine happens to be the auto save and warning when you are about to make a double post. 
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I am glad I have found these sites, at least I can answer and ask a question that I cannot do with other sites.

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answered by VISIONARY (9,009 points) 7 17 69
Answeree is great site and its like a learning ground for me. With the different categories where different questions are asked and answers supplied by intelligent members here then it really a nice place to source for information. The site is really resourceful and enable one have access to information on the go.
Personally,I love the design of the site,it very simple and easy to use.I like the speed of the site too,it very fast and its accessibility is easy too.The navigation isn't bogus or stressful,with just a click on a tab we are where we needed to be.

The admin on the site is very responsive,querries are treated as fast as they can. It great for me because I have a place I can share my experiences and contribute to knowledge where appropriate and also learn from others
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answered by LEGEND (6,082 points) 7 22 49
There are so many things I love about answeree. One out of which is, it provides me the opportunity to learn new things on daily basis because as I share my knowledge in making posts, I also gain as well because there are things I never knew I know but as I dig deep, I realized that there are more to me than I thought previously. This perfectly cemented the aged long claim that 'the more you give the more you'd receive.' That's exactly what this site here has done for me.

Secondly, the site has also imparted me greatly via the contributions made by my fellow members. As I read through their own posts, I've also be benefiting from their wealth of wisdom. And this I found very priceless because I am the type of person who loves knowledge a lot.

Lastly, the site has proven that there are legitimate sites on the web that actually pays, unlike the other fake sites that are out to ripe people of their hard earned sweat.
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Sincerely,  I appreciate the auto save feature in Answeree site because it has favoured me a lot especially when my gadget is about to go off and I'm on my last post for the day. The warning feature you mentioned is also very wonderful which makes you to note that you've reached your maximum for the day. Some other site won't even alert you. They will wait patiently to fall into the trap and penalize you with fine.
Another feature I love much in answeree is the ranking system. The more frequent and active you stay other site the more your rank progresses.

Finally, the feature that trip again is the unanswered feature. I actually came across it three days ago and I discovered a lot of questions unaswered. So I picked one answered it. Answeree is wonderful but improvement will be fantastic.
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.Answeree is a Wonderful site that I personally refer to as my online school.
I love the pattern in which the site operates that is,  the question and answer method,  this is highly beneficial to almost every one that visit this site,  when questions are asked there lots of answers which are been given by different between either of different views or common view but different patterns of answering, this  will enable the reader to pick points from the different answers to be find a comprehensive and detail solution to his or her question.

This site has the potential to offer undergraduate students access to information that might be useful to them from the opinions and questions been asked by members of ths wonderful site.
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To be honest, answeree is one of the best sites I've been on. It is really cool for a question and answer site. Just like you, I love the auto save feature. When I would type long paragraphs and then my device just reloads, I don't worry because I know my work has been saved.

The duplicate warning is also way to go. I get that a lot when I make replies. I also appreciate the fact that you earn little incentives for asking questions. It really helps to keep them coming.
I like the fact that the administration always listens to complaints of members and makes and effort to integrate few suggestions. You don't find many sites like this. I'm really looking forward to the latest changes coming up soon. I hope like always, it would favor all.

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