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To give you an idea,me and my best friend have been friends since school days, higher secondary.Things were ok, until like one day,he grew into this tall slim guy with a flirty nature and quite at ease with women, I on the other hand turned out to be a descent , well behaved guy  not the type who can talk endlessly about irrelevant things to girls and so fundamentally we were different.So, we also joined the same collg and it soo happend that when me and he are trying to make conversation with a girl(or girls), i get ignored.So, even tho a friend, I dint actually enjoy his company.Things got distanced between me and him when he started having random affairs with older women(in the late 20s), who seemd to have some perseverance for him because he looked bigger(taller) than his early 20s age group(I think thats the reason) and also other random girls in collg and never told me anything(became secretive) and Id expect a friend to be open.But we remained friends.

So my younger sister also joined the same collg as a fresher and we were are final year when he started to hang out more frequently with me, hed appear out of nowhere when I go to meet my sis during breaks and this kindoff became a norm after a while.I started feeling weird when once he asked her if she can see him as her own "brother" and she said yes, your like my own brother.After she said that she looked at me as if in a guilty way(or maybe it was my imagination).Another time, me and her were fighting and he interfered saying, hey bro, dont scold our sis, shes soo cute.

So, I started to feel weird about the whole thing.Am i being paranoid?
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It is normal to get jealous when your best friend talk to your sister, but of course you have to erase that one to avoid complication.

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answered by VISIONARY (9,008 points) 7 18 73
I don't think you're paranoid I think you are just trying to be the big brother here trying to protect your kid sis from getting entangle with the flirty smooth talker friend.it just a brotherly instinct of trying to keep your sister distance  away from your friend that isn't so safe to be with which your kid sis might not know about.
But I think you would have had a heart to heart talk with your sister and let her understand why she shouldn't think of being close friend with your friend let alone even think of dating him, so that your sister will understand why you are against any form of relationship between she and her friend I will advised if you're doing this purely for your sister good and not out of envy, jealousy or bad intentions then you're just right about your actions.
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I don't think there's something wrong with you mentally like you're suffering from paranoia. You are only trying to protect your sister from a randy friend, which is normal. Anyone that loves his sister would do the same thing. It would be more disastrous if your friend begin to have your sister as one of those women flocking around him.
Absolutely, there won't anything wrong if not for his bad reputation with women. I guess that's why you're feeling restless with his actions of feigning he is also a member of the family. That alone is even more scarier than if he was perceived as a total stranger.
However, there won't be need of sweating yourself up over the matter. All you have to do protect sister is by keeping your eyes wide open and your ears on the ground. If anything intimate is going between them you can kindly offer your counsel to your sister on who she's dealing with. If she listens, fine, if she doesn't, you let her be. If she refuse to learn from your wisdom she would definitely do that through experience.
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answered by ELITE (3,008 points) 3 11 21
Your not being paranoid, your just being nonsensical for lack of a better word. You need to realize that your sister is not a young girl anymore, she is a grown girl since you have said she is in collage, definitely she knows what college students do. I can say that you are also jealous of your friend, because he seems to be more aggressive and good looking. He must also be an outgoing guy from the way you describe him, getting the girls to talk to him, even getting closer to your sister. You don't feel good about it because you cannot do these things that he doing so easily. If anything, i think you should get closer to your "brotther" and learn a few tips from him on how to chat up the young girls in your school, that will definitely help you in scoring some points.

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