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It is very important to get close to GOD. According to me through experience you can get close to GOD through the following ways: Train your heart to always be prayerful, even when walking or doing your activities always be prayerful thanking GOD for everything, it is very important ot always have a grateful heart before GOD.

Always be involved in the service of the LORD for example when you meet people tell them about JESUS and how HE loves them that HE died for them on the cross in that way you are doing evangelism to these people. Get involved in bible studies or midweek services or fellowships with the people around you or in your church. Listen to worship songs while in your house or while driving or doing anything else and this way GOD will always be in your mind. Finally reading the bible always is also another very key thing, finding out who GOD is in the bible, finding out HIS requirements from the bible and keeping yourself blameless before GOD by turning away from the sin that separates us from GOD according to Isaiah 59:2.
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Sin has always being the fall of mankind. We just have to repent of our sins to show that we truly love God. 
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I am not religious and I am not a preacher either, being close to God daily is important if you really believe in him. But we are human sometimes, we may forget to read scriptures and may not read either. But I pray most of the days, thanking and asking for guidance and protection. This is knowing that God is just around the corner, knowing that I believe in God.  I have some friends who do worship daily like waking up early morning around 4 am and read scriptures and do prayers. This is something I did when I was at my teenage years, I live in a family who is religious and I joined them during their worshiping hours. IT is something that you acknowledge God is every way. We have different beliefs and different practice how we appreciate and have faith in God. it doesn't really matter how we do it as long as it comes from the heart.
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Sure,let God search the heart and know deeply those that loves him dearly.its better that way 
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I believe in God and every thing that as to do with. Godliness is always okay with me. I'm a Muslim and a full obedient Muslim, there are laid down rules to worship God diligently and promptly. I wake up early in the morning latest by 5:20am everyday to perfo my early mmorning Salat known as Subhi. The prayer is two rakat compulsory prayers done with ablution and preferably in in the the mosque.

I then read or recites my Quran. Then go for my daily routine. When it is 1-2pm, I return to mosque again to pray  Zur prayers which is 4rakat. And when it is 3-4pm I still visit yhe mosque to pray my Asri salat prayers. Same thing applies to margin prayers and final lay ishai prayers.. The magrib prayers is 3rakat while ishai prayers is 4 rakat.

I always try my best to the religion or religious life more fit and sound.
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We can only live to pleased God and when we do we have lived by the word of God.he is the only one that can saved us.

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