In my homeland Philippines, the most famous dish is 'adobo.' These are marinated meat with soy sauce, vinegar, garlic, and peppercorns. Most of this meat is from chickens, pigs, and some are seafood.


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I am residing in India. In my city the most famous food is biryani. Mutton biryani is my favourite with chicken gravy. I like all spicy food. Paneer butter masala and nann is also my favourite. 
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I heard about the foods you had mentioned. I had seen how they were prepared. How I wish I could do some experiments in the kitchen department and do them.
I'm also from India but I'm vegetarian. I like all the recipes made with cheese.. 
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Well, my fellow Filipino, mentioned the one of the best and famous dish in Philippines is "Adobo". Aside from Adobo, "Sinigang" is one of the most famous dish here in the Philippines.

"uyy Shavkat." Pilipino ka pala? Hahahaha. may pilipino rin pala dito akala ko ako lang. Iba talaga pag pilipino, andaming hinahanap na paraan para magkapera.

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It is not only the two of us. There are other Filipinos working here. However, they were not that active. They are on the other site, which is affiliated with this site, too.
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There are many dishes that Kenyan citizens likes to eat most of the time but also there are those food that are mostly consumed by majority of Kenyans household and they are following below-





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I never heard of these dishes. But I want to try them. If I just accept my medical mission in your country, I was able to eat them.
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There's a number of dishes famous in my city.

  1. Bind nagar gujhiya
  2. Jangiganj gujhiya
  3. Dahi fulki bida bhadohi
  4. Kasturipur Ramesh gujhiya
  5. Suriyawan panir samosa
  6. Tea (infront in jeevan deep)
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It seems that I have so many things to know around the globe. If I have the chance to visit your country, I would love to eat them one by one.
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I am from India and in my country these disease are very famous 


Indian Chinese food 

pani puri 


Chhole bhature 


matar paneer 

Palak paneer 

spicy bhindi 

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I am not that familiar with the Indian name of foods, but they sound yummy to eat. If there is a chance, I will explore the delicacies in India in the future.
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I'm from India. There are many  famous dishes in my city. But dal bati chokha is very famous dish in my state Uttar Pradesh. Here people especially women like to eat pani puri very much.
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Here I found baso, nasi goreng, rendang, ketoprak to be the most popular foods. Baso seems to be available in every corner of the country as ever became Obama's favorite food in his childhood. Rendang has been chosen by a prestigious magazine to be one of the most popular and delicious foods in the world. Nasi goreng, every tourist who comes to this country always mention nasi goreng as their favorite food.
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Living in the city means alot of people from different backgrounds and cultures coming together. 

We have different food dishes in the city of Nairobi which include. 

grilled chicken with fries. This is common due to time saving and people have no time to prepare food especially lunch. 
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In Venezuela, there are a lot of multicultural dishes because in the past there were a lot of migrants who came to this country, so they also bring their culture and their food. Some of the famous dishes here are pizzas, lasagnas (which we call "pasticho"), and Chinese fried rice.
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