How to lose weight after delivery ? And  how to tone your tummy after a c-section with naturally ? How much weight do you lose immediately after giving birth & how to reduce belly fat after delivery naturally? 
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If the woman wants she can lose weight after delivery,so she should take a diet rich in food that she will hungry for a long time if she has to lose weight besides exercising she can lose weight.
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It is not a good idea to make extreme exercises after having cesarean. It takes months before you can do this. I am sure your obstetrician gave advice about this concern. 
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Losing weight after delivery is a common thing that most women fight for. The best and natural remedy is through breastfeeding your baby this helps to cut down on fat. Also take foods rich in nutrients and more especially fruits and vegetables and do exercises. 
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You first have to be motivated to achieve this result. After you give birth you must focus on getting a lot of nutrients from foods such as fruits, vegetables and nuts and keeping a very low carb diet. Then you can get a gym membership and start exercising that is a month or two after you give birth.
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