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Some kids,need our guidance so they can do it on their own. Encourage your child to read and study while young so they can do it freely and willingly when they grow up.
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Definitely, you need to supervise your kids when they are reading on their own and give them directions on what to do and what not to do. 

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I have four kids, but I still struggle to get my children to study on their own despite to all my experience!

First of all, we have to recognize that all kids are different, some of them will study on their own, but the majority needs attention from the parents (and enforced discipline).

Second, there is no short answer to the question, how to make a child study on her own. The parent will need to honestly understand the mindset of his/her child and try to adapt to his/her learning habits.

I would advise reading the below articles which are relevant to the asked question:

How to Stop Your Child from Procrastination During Studies?


How to Increase Attention Span and Concentration among Kids?

But in overall, my suggestion will be:

-          Spend the time studying together with your child

-          Enforce the discipline for regular studies at home


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Studying is a habit that should be inculcated in kids at a very early age so that they will get used to it and once they grow up,it would have been a part of them.This becomes easy if reading is fun.Some tips on how to turn your kids into a little bookworm will be highlighted below

Always have books around at home.Make books a part of your family life..that way,the kid and you can read at any time..

Get your child a library card.They can get tons of books from the library CD"s ...let them read a book they have interest in

Don't rule out fictions,non fictions,comics,graphic novels,leaflets.Reading is reading and it's all worthwhile

Snuggle up together somewhere comfortable and cosy and make sure your child has somewhere comfy for them to read on their own

To keep them interested, ask them questions on what they have read.

Have a book or magazine with you for anytime a child has to wait for a doctor or dentist.
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Kids are really need a proper guideline from the beganing of their life. You should take more care your kids when they're start talking and learn them what actually you want. But remember one thing, that's never force them anytime.

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