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Indulging in self analysis would be the most interesting thing to do after a breakup.
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Obviously, carrying out keen self assessment would be the most interesting thing to do after break up. With this, you can analyze how things has been in the relationship, what are the mistakes made that needs to be corrected in next one, and as well as envisioning the kind of qualities your would-be partner to have in your next relationship.

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After a breakup, you will need plenty of time to learn who you are again. You can accomplish this in a few simple ways:

  1. After a breakup, I normally take a nice long vacation to a resort location where I can enjoy the peace and quiet, lay in the sun, and go dancing at night. I take one of my girlfriends along so we can enjoy the fun and sun together.
  2. Once I return, I will start to examine all the things I wanted to do, but never did because I was in a relationship.
  3. I will list them down on paper and decide which one I want to do first.
  4. Now I will start attacking my list little by little and fulfill my dreams and do what I wanted to do when we were together, but I never did because he made me feel guilty about doing these things. 
  5. I will accept the invitations to go out dancing, to dinner, or even boating. Nabt of my friend invited me out but I always turned them down.
  6. I might even throw a big dinner party at my home to reconnect with my friends.
There one thing I won't do and that is to start dating anytime soon. I'll need a break in life to have some fun and figure out who I am again. 
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First, you need to settle your issues in a mature way before breaking up so that you leave each at peace.In case you must text your ex after some time, let it be brief and a friendly conversation. Also you should not talk about the the break up and how its affected you.

Secondly, don't move on instantly or after a short time. You might have a thought of moving on as soon as possible so that you can compose yourself. This will affect you somehow psychologically because your heart will be torn into two since you've not recovered from your previous relationship.
Stay calm as if nothing has happened and don't go on telling your friends that you've broken up.Stay happy and be focused on your current affairs. Don't be too overwhelmed as this will make people anxious.
Finally, never tell your ex that you miss him/her and would love to be together. Especially for men, they tend to always move on faster than ladies. When you request a reunion, you might end up ruining yourself because there's a high probability that they've moved on and will just enjoy using you and wasting your time.
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I should know the answer to this as I've had enough breakups in my time. At first it's difficult to do anything except cry, I think this is a necessary part of a breakup if you are upset, a natural reaction to losing someone important, but as time goes on you can distract yourself with finding things to do which will take your mind off it for a while.

Spend a lot of time with good friends, take a short holiday if you can afford it. I like swimming so I used to go to the pool a lot. I found the exercise helped. If you don't like swimming try some other form of exercise, it will definitely help. Once when I had a break up I got a new pet ... I know that's not always practical or possible but it really helped me. I also used to binge on chocolate or icecream. I don't know whether that could be counted as interesting but it was certainly satisfying!
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The most interesting to do after a break up is to sit down and reevaluate your life. Something must have gone wrong to cause the break up in the first place. So first you need to fix that thing within you and for yourself. Your ex must have been a huge part of your life so you need to fill up that void with positive things. 

Do all the things that make you happy. The Interesting thing is that you'll be single and you don't have to consider your partner before making the next decision. So take that job offer, take that course, travel to that place you've always loved. Do everything you didn't have the time for. You'll be impressed with yourself. 

After immersing yourself that way, you'll see that you are so much more than you were. You'll be ready to be with someone again without your judgement being clouded. Personal growth and improvement makes you a better version of yourself. 
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Normally, after a breakup, there goes the pain. There are nights that you want to scream of pain and you keep on crying until your eyes are swollen. You even eat the food you love just to comfort yourself and watch movies or series that you missed. To be honest, there is no right thing to do when you want to move on from a break up. There are ways that could help but it is you that will know if you are already moved on or still moving on from the pain. If I can help you with this, I will say, first, you need to accept that you and your ex special someone already parted ways. Don't blame yourself or started to think that there is something wrong with your. Breakup up is a decision and from time to time decision changes based on different situations. Second, if you are in pain thinking of him/her, please do yourself a favor and start making yourself busy with something else to avoid thinking about him/her. Third, if you think that the decision of yours is wrong, you can open your line and reach out, but then if you are are just hurting but your decision is right, then just be strong and focus on yourself now. If you can avoid everything if you really want to avoid everything. It always starts with you.
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Some break up can be so daunting and depressing that one can't just think straight  but in the midst of all the confusion one can still live again .it's not the end of the world so one still have to loosen up.

If one is a party freak then it a time to occupy self with some party outings,get out and hit the dance floor,go to exotic places and enjoy nature at its best and if it been long oje took a vacation then it time to visit that destination one have bren thinking of ,visit friends that will make one laugh a lot.

There are so many fun and interesting things to do after any breakup, it up to  the person to loosen up and still enjoy life.
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If by "interesting" you mean a way of distracting yourself from even thinking about what happened between the two of you, then I would suggest that you go on vacation. Being in a new environment will help you get the peace of mind that you needed most, especially if you are to travel in secluded places. It would also be best if there will be no network signal, so you will not be tempted to call or leave him/her a message.

However, I do think that the answer to your question is a very personal one, because only you know yourself very well. Remember to treat yourself right. Because after all, the only lasting love you will always have is self-love.

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