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It is maybe because of too much tension going on in your system and it produces more sweat than normally it does when you you are calm.

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Stress triggers the sweat glands to produce sweat. Sweat glands are contained in the apocrine glands, the warm areas around the body like the armpits and the genitals which contain the hair follicles.

When one is stressed, the glands force sweat out of the skin to the surface. This sweat is mostly triggered by emotional or mental stimulation like pain and maybe when you're going to experience something for the first time like an interview.

Mostly this sweat as a result of stress contains a very weird bad smell because it produces more sweat enough to feed the bacteria around the sweat glands. Dealing with sweat isn't a hard task all you need is always apply a deodorant whenever you're going out and always take a shower and wipe your body well after shower.
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The human body system is designed in such a way that what happens to one part affects other parts. And this is evident is the production of sweat via the skin whenever we are stressed, pained or under discomfort. However, this occurrence can be supported by the physiological interplay happening between the sweat gland responsible for the secretion of sweat and hormone in charge of stress regulation.

To put it more correctly, these two endocrine chemicals are connected in the sense that they are controlled by the same endocrine system. And so, whenever sweat is caused by stress or pain, it shows that the sweat gland is been triggered by the concurrent secretion of stressed hormone. This would definitely caused the sweat to be released via the sweat pores that are on the skin.
Interestingly, the production of this sweat would automatically cease when the stressed hormone is normalized.
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The body alwsys react to different feelings in our body and system and as such when we are not in the right temperature of the body due to stress or inconveniences to the body we tend to sweat more. When we feel more pressured our body system is being stimulated and it also react to the way we feel making us sweat more in an uncomfortable temperature. No body will be comfortable in an environment or situation that's making one be so tensed. I think when once the sweat glands sense these discomforts it triggers some chemicals which makes one sweat uncontrollably.

I have had an experience so I can totally will really takes the calmness from one nerves for the sweat to stop.i can remember when I was first duped of a huge sum of money,I was in an AC room was sweating profusely because of the money involved.
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The human body has what is called adaptation. It means ability of human body to adjust to suit the earth, environmental and psychological ccondition at that time. The human body sweat during stress only because the exchange of water due to catabolism oof the body increases at that time producing or eccreating more toxic from the body. The toxic has to be passed out to ease the body and reduce over heating of the body due yo tension or stress. Also, you will observe that, during stress; the human brain tends to work much and over working the heart at the same time. This could lead to heating up or what they call increase in temperature.

The uretra tends to dialect and haircare relaxed allowing pace in the hair follicle which then give easy way to sweat than urine. This is very useful to the body once the stress is caused by exercising the body! Since the tensions in the vein and muscles helps to burn calories in the body.

So, in a simPle language, the tension which is not arbitrary yet usually leads to production of sweat due to over work of some organs in the body.

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