Do you drink pop? I've never been a pop drinker. Just don't like the calories. The diet ones with sugar twin or spends gives me headaches. I don't know if I've every ordered Pespie. Unless  for taste test!
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Soda has the best taste when you wake up in the morning. You are not tasting anything so when you wake up and have just a sip or two of soda it can be really tasty. 
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No i dont drink pepseie or soda when i woke up, because it has to mhuch sugar and this not healthy, so i prefer drink jst water and a cup of coffee also a donut
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No. Not a carbonation fan. Maybe once a year I will get an urge for a root beer or Dr. Pepper ice cream float. I do use Canada Dry Ginger-ale for upset stomach on occasion.
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No, it is not good to have cool drinks in the morning. It will increases the blood sugar level to a high range and last in our body for nearly 2 years. So it is better to have lemon juice with honey in hot water at early morning. You can also go for a coffee or tea in the morning.
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No i didn't try eat, i drink nescafe before breakfast 

I know people that drink pepsie when they woke up and they say that's taste good 
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