Alarm clocks tend to help people wake up early but mostly people snooze for 10,20 0r even 30 minutes . Why would you use it if you disrespect it?
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Most of the people uses alarm to wakeup. On early days it was mechanic one. But now a days all set the alarm on phone. It is a natural tendency of a human being to sleep just 5 minutes more when we hear the alarm. But there are some good people, who respect the alarm and wake up suddenly. It is up to to the person who uses it. Some people purposefully keeps the alarm set awake of 5 or 10 min .so that they can sleep 5 min more.
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I share your point of view,infact I think we agree on this,am glad you see things this way because it is indeed the best. wonderfull work.
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Well , if you have to go somewhere early , or you need to get up early , you will use the alarm clock but I agree many people tend to snooze it off . 
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Obviously we have no choice not to because at the end of the day it's best for us,we have to be able to stand up for what is right.Wonderfull work.
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I honestly do the snoozing thing. It is acceptable since I am so exhausted working online and even offline daily. But I still tend not to be late if there are some appointments needed to attend in one of my online jobs.
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This quite a positive mindset and perspective it will change people's way of thinking because you are quite optimistic.wonderful work.
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Everyone's need an alarm clock to wake up especially if he went to bed late and have work at morning 

No one knows why we disrespect the alarm clock that's because we don't need to wake up we need some rest but our work is waiting

We are forced to wake up and use it 
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Wonderful work.Generally your idea is quite wise and eligible for stimulating good thinking and the right mindset keep it up.
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The alarm as the word states is supposed  to alarm you when there is an event taking place.For the clock, its alarm notifies you that the time is right for a certain activity to be undertaken.For example going for lunch break or waking up
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Indeed,I find this article quite reasonable and knowledgeable infact most people might not see it this way,am glad you do
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I don't think there are any bad effects of an alarm clock because in my experience I think has helped every time I needed it and I woke up on time.
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To improve our awakening, the researcher recommends getting up early, setting two alarms: one twenty minutes before the time we have to get up and another at which the alarm clock would normally ring.
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For me, i don't use alarm clock anymore. I used it when I had a job. But right now I've used to wake up between 6:30am to 8:00am because my body clock get used to wake up that time. People use alarm clock to be aware that it's already morning but due to fatigue, they tend to snooze for a few minutes
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