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I have two kids that are super hyper most of the time, so my tip let them play outside as long as it safe where they play and can't get out on the road.

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You probably think that your child is super active, and. that your child must be calm, quiet. Well, you don't remember but ask yourself how calm you were when you were a little kid. Not to calm, i  guess. So, in everyday life, you know that kids are active, full of energy, and they are a little bit annoying. But, that's nature to be a child. Be worried, when your kid is always quiet, then must be something wrong. And, as for super active kid, you can solve the problem by making some extra activity, for the kid. The first example is visiting the playground. This kid will find other kids, will run all day, and, after that, a kid will sleep quietly, with no extra yealing. And, finally, parents will have a little peaceful, and quiet home.
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It's quite difficult to keep the overflowing energy of a child under control. Kids are known for their playful nature, so therefore it is part of their being to be that way. There id no single kid out there that does not engage in any form of physical activity or the other. And if a certain kid is not agile and playful something must be wrong somewhere.

I believe every adult can relate with their growing up days and how unstoppable they were when it's was time for play. I personally was untamable when I was much younger. I remembered vividly how I used to go out for play and stay a whole outside until it was night. Fortunately, my mom usually prefer me to go and have fun with my mates as she sees such moments for her to rest.

Honestly, the only way to keep any child's energy calm is by allowing them to play tirelesly and after which one can have peace of mind as they would be so exhausted that sleep would take them unaware.
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