Do you collect anything? Keep buying out of habit weather you have hundreds or save something that you shouldn't? I have tones of beads, nail polish and other thing.
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I was buying this way and then I discover that it is too much , for now I buy less of things that I don't need that much. But for perfumes I like to collect them but I use them. I now concentrate only on things that I use.
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I loved to collect doraemon stuffs, but I only spent money to buy those things when I have a lot. Also, I prefer to buy my liked stuffs when I think its unusual or limited to store.
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I collect lots of novel books that are paperback. But now, I changed my mind and wanted to collect hardbound ones. Thus, I used to be a novel book collector of paperbacks.
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Yes, I like to own to much of stamps. Stamps are rare collection. I also collect coins and dress items of each cultural activities. Stamps from various part of the world are collected.
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Bags. I have a collection of bags. Been on it for years now. I have so many of the bags I now have. Acloser space specifically for my bags. And although I have Soo many I keep buying more. Bad habbit that I am trying to get ride of.
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At this moment of my life i think what i have that is much and i still want more is how to make money, there many ideas in my head that i need to put into action.
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Well that's a bad habbit I have that I really need to stop when ever I have money I make sure it finishes so I tend to buy things wheather I need it or not.
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When I was a kid, I collected Pokemon action figures. I have collected I guess about 200+ toys and the bad thing is, I don't know where are those now. Even just one toy of it was lost. I hate to admit it that I have wasted more money just for that and I can't find anything of it now.
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