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It is really depend on a woman you are courting with. Maybe sooner or later than you expected.
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Just find the way to her heart and make her extremely happy. 

As long as she loves you back, she will definitely say yes. 

Good luck mate. 

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7 years just like Jacob in the bible Lol just kidding though.But seriously what  kind of work are you referring to,because I know love is about two people and everyone involved should work at it. Why work alone and wait for a yes,this is more of a Boss and employee kind of relationship and not love.

I always say that love is like a partnership where all partners involved work at it from the very beginning to have a solid foundation. The two involved will always discuss their plans,aspirations, visions, dreams and all of that together before any proposal.

Don't be shocked when you propose she says No, because it might be you were the only person in the relationship and she wasn't part of all the plans.So to get the sweet Yes you should first strike a balance, define the relationship and leave everything open for deliberation.Duration should be how ready you are so take your time to get it right first.
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Wo 7 years hehe, that is treay true love if a man can wait. But  if a man really love the woman he can wait no matter how long it is.
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Wow, 7 years hehe, that is really true love if a man can wait. But  if a man really love the woman he can wait no matter how long it is.
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I have learnt from experience that you can never get the direct sweet yes from a girl if you are waiting for it. The more you keep expecting her to tell you yes the more it becomes impossible for her to do so. Girls are not wired like that.

The best way to tell if a girl is down with you is for you to get your perceptive abilities in intact, so that whenever she is giving you the much anticipated green light, you can from there discern that she is reciprocating how you feel about her. This could be from her gaze; generally are body language will give her away.
Love is like a perfume, its fragrance scent can't be concealed no matter how hard one tries except it's not there. It's now you responsibility to grasp it presence in the eyes of the girl you are wooing.
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I don't think there's a defined or predetermined length of time or amount of effort necessary for a girl to give you a yes.

From a woman's perspective, though, we don't say yes immediately, as we want to make sure that we are making the right decision. Being in a relationship is a serious thing; hence, no one should engage in it halfheartedly. If a woman sees that you have genuine intention, and that she's really into you, then she will say yes even if you think you haven't given your best effort yet.

If you are asking this because you are getting mixed signals. I think both of you should talk things over and decide whether there's really a chance that you can take that friendship into a higher level. Because if what you want isn't what she wants then that's the time for you to make a choice whether you will pursue her further or you will stop. If she tells you to wait, it's still your call to decide.

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Am guilty i must confess. Guilty of what you might ask? Well, you asked how long to work and wait in anticipation of that "yes" you so desire to hear from someone you"re willing to give your commitment, emotionally, right?

Those weren't the exact words you used, but it is at least exactly the way i felt before putting in two years in the pursuit of love, that was my first relationship and gosh! I was in love. It didn't matter the amount of effort and how long it took for her to come around the idea, all that was of concern to me was getting that opportunity to continually express my undying love for her. Unfortunately, it ended a while ago. I still have some certain amount of feelings for her in a way a brother does even though we're continents apart.

Just like @greencrayon stated below, there's no defined or predetermined length of time expected of a person to put in effort in the pursuance of the one they love. It is of your personality. Regardless of their feelings, some folks lack the patience, some have egos and some might just have a certain feeling of embarrassment everytime they get turned down. It is only normal for people of such personality to back down in such situations.

Anyways, love is not a feeling that sparks at first contact, it is a process, an act of true emotional expression that needs to be found, built from within the heart, nurtured and maintained in the best way possible. In saying so, time shouldn't in anyway stand as a draw back when seeking a yes from that person who grips your heart as feelings grow stronger by each passing moment.

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The more you wait, the more waiting game will happen. Why not give her the best of your love and you might get the Yes that you never expected. You need to work hard. What kind of Yes, or for what reason she will be saying Yes to you? Is this a proposal of marriage or being her boyfriend, or something like a date? It should always work when you are still making her feel like a princess. Girls loves to be pampered and if we always have your attention we are always happy. Make your girls happy first. Be the reason of her smile. Do not give her the reason to say NO. Not a single reason if I were you. Girls are easy to change their mind. Sometimes even if she said Yes already, she will just turn you down and reject you for the reason that she realized she is not ready at all. It is hard but we should respect her decision.
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From my experience with woman, I can very well tell you that they are the most complicated human beings ever. When you think that you have mastered them very well in order to exploit the relationship to your advantage, they would turn in a split second to surprise you with how they change immediately.
But don't get me wrong, they are very easy to get when you have the keys to their tender heart. All you need to do would be try as much as possible to discover what makes your woman feel happy always and keep doing it on a daily basis without any compromise or asking for something or anything in return and believe me when I tell you that in no distant time, she would say yes to any manner of proposal that you might have for her because they always like being happy.
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By "waiting and working", you mean asking how long you should woo a woman before she finally says yes right? You should know by now that people are wired differently. It really on normal circumstances, doesn't take long before you realize when a lady is interested in you. At the least, then you'd know that there's something worth waiting for.

It is the same way that you can tell when someone isn't in the least way interested in you. If you try to be convincing and it isn't yielding, you know best than to hold on.
In my opinion, the green light a woman gives you tells you that you can still hold on much longer and pursue your love. Since it is usually positive in the end. However, if you notice hesitation, do not be too positive about the outcome.

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