I like to have pickles in my diet. Some people are saying that pickles are not so good for health as they can cause some ulcers. Some are telling that pickles are very good for digestion of food. So actually I'm confused. Is pickle healthy to have on a daily basis?
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I think it helps in digestion because it is kind of sour, but on a daily basis I think you will become acidic so I rather not prefer you to eat it daily.
Pickles are actually healthy bacteria needed for the safety of fermented food we consume. In other words, they are probiotics that help the gut bacteria to perform their functions thus enabling the healthy status of our gut. Mind you good healthy gut would promote digestion of food we eat, as well as the elimination of bad bacteria which causes diseases in our body.

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Pickles are very good for digestion. Especially lime pickle.
But it cannot be considered as a healthy food in your daily diet. As what you heard before too much consumption of pickles may lead to mouth ulcers or stomach ulcers. Moreover, the high salt content in pickles may increase your blood pressure levels. Thus, in turn, results in many health issues including renal problems.
So avoid daily consumption of these kinds of the salty menu for your better health. Even if you like pickles you should think of your body too.

I am also a pickle lover. But not addicted.
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South Indian and North Indian Pickles have differed from its tastes, colour, and shelf life. Good but, use it judiciously. I like it. Especially Andhra Mango Pickle
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Pickles are good for digestion after a heavy meal. Especially after Indian foods like Biriyani, Paratha etc. But pickles should be home-made. Preservatives used in commercially sold pickles are not so good for health.
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Yes, if consumed in a limited way pickles are good for health. Pickles help in the digestion of the food. But at the same time if the quantity consumed is more then it may cause serious health issues also. Therefore, consuming a limited quantity is good for health.
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First of all, Eating Pickles in moderate volume doesn't do any harms. Second, It helps in replenishing the sodium levels in your Body and are rich in others Vitamins and minerals.
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General pickles are rich in vitamins such as Vitamin K and vitamin A. But spices in pickles may cause irritation in digestive system.
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I'm not sure on a daily basis and, they are seasonal vegetables, at least here, in Europe. 

I can say they are good for skin; face masks and for digeston. My father used to eat them cause he is a diabetic so, they contain less sugar just, they are too watery so, you need to go often to bathroom:D

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