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Wiccan is the person practicing Wicca. Wicca is the religion itself. A person practicing Wicca is considered Wiccan. 

It is an actual religion that worships all beings, not just one. Wicca is a peaceful, loving and harmonic religion. Wiccans honor and respect nature and the Earth.

Wicca does not believe in Satan since that is not who we worship. Wicca abides by The Wiccan Rede which states: "An it harm none, do what ye will."

Wicca does not believe in converting others like the Christians have a tendency to do. 

Wicca does not sacrifice animals nor humans like the Satanists do.

Wicca is a loving religion that practices only the good.
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Wicca is a modern shamanic religion based on ancient pagan rituals, and can also be called witchcraft. The Wiccan beliefs are part of Neopaganism, where they fit the groups that believe in European pre-Christian beliefs, such as the Celtic religion.

The name Wicca had its origin in Old English, and its meaning represents the man who practices witchcraft. While wicce is the word in the feminine to identify the woman who has the same beliefs and practices. The term wicca in English is witchcraft, and modern witches are identified as witch and witches, wizards.

The followers of Wicca call themselves wicca and witches. But due to the prejudice related to these terms, they began to use the word "Wiccans" as well.
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Wiccan is a very peaceful, balanced and harmonious way of life. The religion promotes oneness with the device and all ways of life. In this religion, the people get inner peace while watching the sun rise and set. They try hard to be one with nature and their surroundings. All simple pleasures in mature like the sun shining in a forest, seeing the moonlight shine down, watching the trees turn and the rivers flow are all part of the Wiccan religion. 

The religion is a belief system and way of life that they base on the reconstruction of the pre-Christian traditions that originated in Wales, Ireland, and Scotland. Unfortunately, most of the information about how this religion lived and worshiped was lost because of the medieval church and how they tried their best to destroy all the documentation about the Wiccan religion. 
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Wicca is a religion that is known as modern day witchcraft but the religion does not worship evil or practices black magic. Instead the religion believes in only doing good by worshiping good supernatural entities and practicing white magic.
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