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You don't get angry with children. You teach them to behave they way you think is right.

Anger is a learned response. You had to learn when to be angry and how to act in each case. Well, you can learn to act some other way. First you need to realize that children are not your enemies, they are merely untrained. 

Example: You don't scold a kid because he can't read, you sit him on your lap and read to him. In time he will start to read to you. That is how a kid learns to read. Anger has nothing to do with it.

The same approach works with any other behavior you want a kid to learn. Kid says a bad word. You respond with dramatic horror and move to protect him. "Do you know what that word means?" He doesn't. "Well, I think it's really STUPID to say a word when you don't know what it means! You don't say that word any more." "That's a good boy."

Anger has no place in the scene.
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There’s nothing wrong with feeling anger. It’s a normal human feeling. We are, however, responsible for our actions when we feel anger. Try detaching from the things that are triggering the feelings. Make sure you are taking care of your own needs. If you’re tired or hungry or stressed because you’ve taken on too much, address those issues and it might be easier to deal with frustrations of parenting. 
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It is constant struggle for parents to become calm everytime there are arguments with their kids. As for me, i count 1-10 before my anger explodes  and remind myself that my child is God's gift to me. And God is so patient with me too. I also try to divert my anger by listening to music or taking time to inahale and exhale.

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