It's easy to report such offenses to the police or right authorities when it's an outsider, but what if the offender is a family member and the family wants to keep this as a secret? 
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That is downright selfish of a mother to tell her daughter to keep such a secret so she can save her dirty husband's ***. What about you, do you not matter to her or something. I'm a mother and if that ever happened to my child I would report it and get me and my child out of that situation. If you plan on reporting it you'd need lots of proof I would record him in that act or if he says somethings inappropriate to you record it. At the end of the day do what your heart and soul wants to do, your mom should be ashamed of herself.
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Its not something to be kept as a secret. It is giving scars to both body and soul. How could a father do this to her daughter. I can understand, when its about family, we think a thousand time to take any step. See, your mother could be saying so because father is the bread and butter earner so she must be thinking of finances. It is something unbearable and should not be tolerated at all. So, try to solve it with help of some one from your family such as some elders you could trust. If at last no option, report it, because no one could touch a female without here permission, its a crime. 
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There's no difference. All you have to do is secretly call the 911. If you aren't capable of telling the police, go directly to the Police station so they will be able to help you.
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