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Exercise should be an integral part of our daily regime. However, many of us do not exercise on a regular basis. Eventually, lifestyle diseases crop up. For the healthy functioning of the body, regular exercise is a must. Do you do that consistently? :)

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In spite of I don't go for my jogging on daily basis, i engage in other forms of exercise to meet up my daily requirement for it. I can decide to go for a long brisk walk or do some calisthenics indoor or i could just engage myself domestically on activities that would make me sweat. Or other times if I am boarding a public transport,  i could decide to stand instead of sitting. 
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I can exercise at home and at work when i am available. i cannot exercise all the time. I can squeeze in it when i am at home and when there is no one at home, but when there is, I will just exercise in bed but not in habit.
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Not really but I am encouraging myself to do quick exercise daily abput 15 minutes.
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Saturdays and Sundays are my off days when it comes to exercises. 

But all throughout the weekdays, I definitely don't miss out working out. 

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I walk every day  to make sure I get some exercise. It's very tempting if you have a car to just jump in it even if it's a short distance so I try to walk as much as possible. I don't do any strenuous exercise because I'm older now and I don't think it would be too beneficial.

My health has always been excellent apart from a small health scare recently but that is now resolved and I put that down to eating healthily and taking a walk each day.  Even though I am in my 60s I have never had to take medication on a long term basis and I consider myself lucky.

When I was younger there were no gyms and even swimming pools were limited so we didn't have the opportunities that people have today. Fitness has become a real trend which is definitely a good thing although I think exercise in moderation is best.
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Am always indoors hence I don't engage in any serious exercise. What I always do is check on my diet. Am always keen when it comes to selecting the foods that will increase my weight. I always tend to avoid meals like chips and sausages unless I have a plan after there. Besides I rarely take those meals, once in a while always.

In addition to that, everyday I must go to the supermarket to purchase some food stuff which is about 1 km from home, still this is exercising.

Exercise doesn't literally mean you should go out jogging or a marathon. You can also engage in indoor activities provided you do them everyday.
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I have always been one who loves sports and exercise. When I lived in a place they had a gym, I would go 3 to 4 times a week to work out. However, when I moved and there was no gym around I would ride a bike, go swimming, do exercise at home, and try to keep in shape. I feel that a body needs some form of exercise to keep in shape.

When you get older it is important to exercise and keep in shape. This helps you to not tear muscles, have back problems, or even heart issues. All people should exercise at least 3 times a week, if not 4. Even if you just go for a walk every night this is good for your health and will keep you in shape. The more you can move around and get in some sort of exercise the easier it is to keep moving around when you are older. 

I've seen people who've never exercised a day in their life and now they are older all they can do is sit around in a chair and they have a hard time moving around. I don't want to end up like this.
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I exercise daily apart from Sunday's and other special days. Exercise is good for human health. I encourage everyone no matter how lazy you are, try at least 30 minutes exercise. I am a sports man and I need to exercise every day unless am sick or I have to go somewhere. Training hard which is part of my exercise helps me to get stronger each day, to improve my skills, to encounter new challenges and to acquire new techniques. I train hard and win easily. Winning becomes very hard in any given competition if you don't put in so much efforts in training.  For those who don't compeet in any sports challenge, don't fail to do exercise at all. Try to do even little jogging, rop skipping and so on.

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