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Consider you have a goal and you made a plan, the only thing to make it happen is to execute the plan? We can execute a plan for a day or a week, but surely it will change after two weeks or a month. Why do you think so? Why it is hard to execute a plan?

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The hardness that goes with the execution of plan is as a result of the indolent of the human mind. If all things being equal and all the resources are on ground to kick of the plan one intend to execute the only hindrance would definitely be the capacity of the individual involve to figure out the surest possible solution to the problem associated with the plan.

Due to so many distractions here and there especially with present chaos posed by social media and all the madness in the world, we find it somewhat hard to go for what we want to execute with flimsy excuses that are weightless. That is when it becomes hard to utilize one's innate creative ability to accomplish one's goals.

But we can be confident in the fact that once we are single minded with utmost focus, determination, tenacity and patience any plan that we desire to execute can be achieved without difficulty.
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That was very deep and I agree with you. We are not focus or maybe we are not really into our plan that is why sometimes we cannot or it is hard to execute a plan.
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The measure of success usually begin with concieving the idea,  planning and executing it.  However we may find it difficult to execute certain plans which might be due to some reasons that are not justified in the course of planning.
For instance If you plan to buy a car in the next five months that is worth $5000, may be your monthly earnings ranges between $1000 to $1200 so in total you earn $6000 this five months at most but  you fail to plan for others contingencies that may shoot up within this five months of your target. The need to pay for electricity, other utilities  and other unforeseen expenses may makes you spend more than $1000 within this 5 months,  situations like these will make it difficult to execute your plan.
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Yes, we execute some that are not realistic just like your example. We should stick to what is really happening rather than working super hard to make the impossible possible.
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Personally my problem is always lack of focus and I think It also same with others.Having a plan is very easy but concentrating to get it executed is the hardest and keeping at it can be boring at times.

Other reasons include:

Plans that were not well thought,some plans were just hatched in a hurry and had no taproot so in no time fizzle out.

Some plans needed professional input and without that it becomes very difficult to get it off the ground and some people do not know this.

Some plans are written  without any concrete foundation to hold it down and when the plans are not cemented with good sense then it becomes a problem and again if it money demanding, then without money it can't be executed.
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I love the professional input, also you ask people that have been there. Try to ask them on how they do it and you follow what they started and you are ready to execute it for sure.
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When you say 'plan', it can be a short term plan or a long term plan. People make short term plans to carry out some important work in a specified manner. While short term plans may not have a goal to achieve in it, long term plans should have a goal to achieve in it because it will have a effect on your life.

Now, the question as to why it is hard to execute a plan? Any plan has to be worked out meticulously and methodically for its proper execution. Any plan not executed to its finality will only mean that the person concerned is not serious about it or is lazy in carrying out the plan he has made.
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I guess you are right, if you are not serious on your goal, you will not be serious in executing it too. If you have doubts then start changing the plan and adjust to it.
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