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Garlic to lower blood pressure while ginger for sore throat, upset stomach. Both actually have other health benefits aside from these.

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Ginger and garlic are medicinal and very good for the body. Some people used it as seasoning for food while other just eat them raw for health benefits but however,one want to consume them,the fact still remains that there are medicinal and very good for the body.

Ginger when consumed benefit the body in no small measures.Ginger can be used to cure common cold,arthritis, tumors,it also helps to fight osteoarthritis as well as other great health problems while on the other  hand garlic is very good with decreasing blood clotting,helps the blood circulate well in the body,helps in reducing blood pressure and help the blood vessels to expand.

I know these two can have very bad smell especially after eating them  but we should overlook that and look more at the health benefits derived from consuming them.
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These two are therapeutic ingredients you will find inside your kitchen. When I have sore throat,I drink ginger soup. I also drink ginger when I have headaches and flu.It  heals me fast. Garlic helps me with skin infections and respiratory infection. When I have skin infection, I peel or cut in half one garlic and put it there. It can solve flatulence and skin disorder. It is a blood thinner. It helps to solve clog bloods in different arteries and veins to make it free flowing to transport nutrients to different parts of the body. It also reduce inflammation.Ginger, on the other hand treats diarrhea, PMS, arthritis and common cold. It helps to aid digestion and solve the problem with upset stomach. If you want to have a good source of vitamin C, you can drink Ginger soup.
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Ginger and garlic are like our house doctors, nature given healers. Indian cooking uses it everyday day-in and day-out especially to treat cold, cough, sore throat and indigestion naturally. Ginger and garlic are know to have anti-inflammatory properties that can help with toxin release from our body. They also regulate a health gut and help with gastric issues.

Garlic has a great effect on our heart and helps with the unclogging of our arteries, hence increasing our heart health. Having tea made with infused ginger is a great way of cleansing our gut and colon. Ginger also helps well when we are down with headache and nausea , muscle pains and menstrual cramps. Best way is to include them everyday in the curries, fried rice, salads, tea and soups that we make at home.

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