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He is terribly mad after me, I think I must move from here. I feel yes.. something is going to happen wrong with me. I can't sleep.... I must move from from this place.. ohh god
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Do you want to close your affair or do you want to end it? Why not talk to your boyfriend and let him know how you feel? Has he been hurting you?
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If you want close your affair why the panicking? Stay calm and talk things over with your partner. If it is something that can be settled, both of you should agree at resolving the issue, but if isn't let the break up be done amicably.

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Relationships are difficult and men or women can turn so easily. This is not something to be taken lightly if you feel like your life is in danger and your boyfriend is out to hurt you. The first thing you need to do is check all your doors and windows to make sure they are locked. Pull down all your curtains or blinds so he can't see into your home. Make sure that you keep all the lights off near the windows so he can't see if you are at home or not.

If you hear him outside your home, call the police immediately and tell them you are in danger and someone is trying to break into your home. Locate a safe place in your home that you might be able to hide in if he happens to get into your home. Keep your cell phone with you at all times in case he gets in your home you can call the police immediately.

|Start to pack a bag to leave your home quickly. If you have family nearby go and stay with them. Otherwise, you'll need to find a friend you can go and stay with. Go to the police station and file a complaint against him and explain what is happening and why you don't feel safe. If you have a hotline in your area for abused women, call this hotline. They can normally offer a secure location and shelter for people who are being abused or are in danger.

One thing for sure, don't answer his calls if he calls you. Just let it ring and go to your voicemail account. You might need to update all your social media account and take down all your photos online. You don't want him to find you. If you go to a safe location, don't let anyone know where you are at. They might end up telling him if he comes around asking.

I hope you'll be safe and do all you can to leave where you're living right now until the situation calms down and he leaves you alone.
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Hey, where are you staying now? I think you are in an extreme danger. If you are in your residence call the emergency number as soon as possible. This is not the time for playing around the internet. You must find a way to stay away from his eyes. What is the thing making you scare at this moment? If you are there reply now or find a place to hide.
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Yes I have phone but if I ask them for help then it will be more dangerous
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Go for a facebook live
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I am sure I am safe till this morning but I don't know how to escape.. He is making harm to me
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I am afraid I am alone
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PM me after two hours. I will give you a guidance. Now I am watching Argentina's match. Be cool !
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Relax.. Don't feel that you are alone. Be sure to close the door and have some water nd just relax.. Call security and ask for help and advice. You have to wait up to the earliest morning. Call your best friend who can help you in this situation pack up your items and get ready to move from the place.
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OK ok.. Am doing the same. Searching my friend list. Our security is a good person. He is now with me.
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OK ok thanks for the support I will be back tomorrow morning. Yz I got the solution thanks for helping me. Thanks
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OK my dear. All the best...
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You need to take everything simple.If you really want to end the affair then you and your partner should agree to that,you need to sit down and discuss over the matter so that if you both decide to end the relationship it will all be settled.

You just can't move on and make him assume that you're still together only that you still mad over each other.Decide on what's going to be best for the both of you.

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