I develop nervousness. I'm always nervous most of the time with no serious reason. I feel my chest tighten and my heart is heavy. I hope prayers will help
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Try to go out everyday for a long walk or get on the gym. It could be that you have much tension/energy in your body that needs to come out.

Another good thing is to frequent speak with people and friends.

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I believe in the power of prayer but the honest truth is prayer without action is nothing. Their are few tips you could use to overcome nervousness.

Practice whatever makes you nervous ,for instance if its public speaking,seek out opportunities to practice talking in public.Attend a public meeting and voice your opinion..if you are nervous about dating,get a friend to go on a practice date with you.Practice the conversation you intend having with your love interest,go to the place you would like to go on a date.

Another tip is that that you should prepare in advance.if its a job interview, research about the company and the position you are going for so that you can speak knowledgeably.For a date,think about questions you can ask your date about themselves

Another useful tip is to be positive. Visualize yourself doing well and not being nervous.think positively.Walk through the events that makes you nervous in your head and imagine yourself calm and successfull

I believe this tips should help.Goodluck
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I'm nervous for no apparent reason. I know this is abnormal. I feel anxious that I will get nervous
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Learn breathing exercises. Slow, deep breathing helps. You can take herbs such as chamomile and decaf green tea. Exercise helps alot also. You can also make a journal of good things in you life. Write in the journal eveyrday for 3 minutes.
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Nervousness is now a very common feature among the young and old aged people. Many people have chronic stress and anxiety. They also face symptoms such as nervousness, tension, chest pain, agitation etc. In some cases health condition such as an overactive thyroid can lead to an anxiety disorder. But there are wide range of natural remedies and home remedies that can help to reduce stress and anxiety.

1. Regular physical exercise is must

2. Regular meditation is must

3. Relaxation exercise is very good for this type of patients

4. Writing an article or reading books can cope better with anxiety

5. Listening light instrumental music can also reduce stress and nervousness

6. Time management strategies are essential

7. Aromatherapy is also effective in this type of disease

8. Drinking of herbal tea can reduce stress and anxiety

9. Eating herbal supplements can also work

10. Love and supporting the pets can also reduce nervousness.
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It depends on the cause of your nervousness. One possible cause is B vitamin deficiency. B vitamins are cheap, so you may as well try that first. Get B-50 or B-100 at any drug store, dollar store, or other places. In the USA you can buy any brand and get a reliable product. In other places you can get natural sources such as beef liver.
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Do mediation daily. That make you in stable state in every situation. Do breathing exercises. Be social and communicate with lot of people. That may cause some changes. Improve yourself. Be confident in yourself. 
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