Do you think it is possible for people to live and never lie at all?
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For me no, because we are just human in under any circumstances, sometimes we need to lie to protect someone or ourselves.
It's not possible as there will be a moment where you must need to lie to save yourself or someone very close to you

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For adults though yes you can live your life without lying. People have this strange notion that not lying means telling everyone everything... You do not have to lie to avoid hurting people's feelings you can just keep quiet or express positives and not mention the negatives.
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The answer is no because lie can be used for good things also not just bad things(a wight lie that's how we call it) 

It's born with human all we need it somewhere  not to be an expert liar of course 
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Yes I consider it quite possible, because lying is literally a decision we all make on our own ,I believe that an individual could choose to lie or not.
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No I don't think it's possible because there are many moments in life where you need to lie to save yourself, or someone or even your heartily ones so you cant live without lieing
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I do not think so. Humans are not perfect and they can still commit a sin or sins in this world. The most important thing is to ask for forgiveness if committed.
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I don't think there is a single normal human being on this earth who had not lied, not even for once. Maybe after growing up one can control what they speak, but as a child everyone had lied afraid of getting punished, afraid of getting in trouble, afraid of getting a bad image, etc. There can be multiple reasons to lie, it is not always done with bad intention.
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For me the answer is yes. For instance if we refer to the holy books; the bible and Quran. These books advocates for truth, faithfulness and righteousness. Therefore, speaking lies is strictly condemned for that matter.

Speaking lies has become the root of evil in the society nowadays. If everyone can say the naked truth there wont be corruption, cheating on marriages, theft and all sorts of ill
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It is not possible, we are all humans, lying is part of our everyday life, though some lies are just to free yourself, while some can be very disatrous.
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In my humble opinion it's not possible because we are not perfect so we must definitely make mistakes in life but if we learn from our mistakes that makes us wise.
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For me I never lied at all and I think many people also never accept to lie and never accept lies.

But if there is a situation where there is danger and to protect yourself you have to lie maybe it is okay.
But in other situations it is not acceptable, also for me if someone lie once i will not believe him/her anymore.

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No one can do that. People gets into trouble daily no matter what character he has. He may be too kind to be with but still there are an instance that he won't tell the whole truth. Lies may not always be done but can be an escape to someone else's trouble
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I don't think so. after all we are human beings. we have to speak lie to save ourself or to save anything about others. so, we should try to speak truth but some of the times we have to speak lie. we can tell lie but we shouldn't.
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