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when it is raining, everyone is indoors, whether you are at work or at home. At work, I presume you'll go about your normal business unless it is an outdoor setting. At home however, when it rains, there are many things that  I like to do. I can put on my favourite track list and get some work done. I make money online or I do some cleaning around the house. I could watch from a list of movies that I've gathered or read a book while sipping on my tea. I also take some time out try my latest food recipe. Other times I sit with family and have a little chit chat. There a whole lot that I do when it rains. You can try them.
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I naturally hate cold days which is the rainy days. I dislike cold and all.other related ailments so when once it start raining I do the following to help.myself.

I put on my Cardigan, I don't want any shiver

Get a warm jug of coffee or any tea to warm myself up.

If I'm stepping out I don't use an umbrella I Wear my rain coat that way I'm sure I'm covered perfectly from rain.

If I'm stuck in the house then apart from wearing my Cardigan, I also wear a stockings to protect my legs.Rainy day or cold can be very bad with me, so I try as much as I can to protect myself.

If I'm not alone playing games can help to warm everyone up.
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This is a very timely question because it's raining in here right now. What I often do whenever it's raining is to bum out in our apartment because nothing compares to the feeling of being one with your bed. Kidding aside, I usually just stay at home, drink coffee or hot chocolate, and catch up with reading books or watching series/movies.

Rainy days also has this certain effect on my mood, which then drains my energy to socialize. And this just adds to the reason why I prefer staying at home. On another note, since I'm sharing apartment with my closest friends, we sometimes buy some booze and drink to our heart's content.

But the most predictable thing I'd probably do during rainy days is to sleep for as long as I want. After all, the sound of the raindrops as they hit the roof is very inviting.
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I love rainy season. I have lived for almost twenty years in a place where rain was scarce (in the desert state of India). Rain was such scarcity and when it rained, people would be celebrating and dancing in the rain. Now I live in the city beautiful of India which is closer to mountains. Rains are an often occurrence but I still enjoy them like I used to. The best thing to do in the rain is feeling the raindrops on your face...getting soaked in the rain. I also love driving in the rain with some lovely music playing in the car. And when we are talking of rain, how can we forget steaming hot tea/coffee with some yummy, friend snacks like samosas or pakoras? Reading a book while sitting near the window is another favorite activity of mine during the rain.

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