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I met mine at school when we were just 14. My dad had been transferred from another town (he was a policeman) and I had to start at a new school which I hated, It always seemed that as soon as I got settled in a school we would up and move.

I felt very vulnerable as I knew no one and all the other children in my year had already got to know each other, I can't quite remember how we started talking but Margaret was very shy and hadn't made many friends. We seemed to have a lot in common and before long I was staying at her house at weekends, we were spending all our free time together, sharing secrets and even when we left school and started work we stayed firm friends.

In time we both got married and moved away from the town where we had become friends, Although we don't see each other often now we have still remained friends and talk on the phone as if all the years had not passed even though we are both in our 60s.
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I can see that you really love your best friend because until now at your age the memories of how you met each other is very fresh to you,  I'm happy with you and I love your friendship story too.
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I met mine in a very unfortunate way. It was way back high school just when people started having mobile phones, which made communication easy even for people who do not really interact in person.

Back in high school, I was the typical girl who had a fair share of bullying. So she text me with the intention of joining the bandwagon. However, for some reason, we became the type of friends who would share stories and secrets that we never really tell anyone. This went on for several months, until the time came when she confessed everything. Of course I got mad. I told her that she betrayed my trust and that I don't want her to be my friend anymore.

We lost contact for more than a month. But when she contacted me again, I realized I don't really want to lose her. I have forgiven her for everything she has done and until now, we're still the best of friends.

That was 12 years ago by the way. I'm really glad I met her.
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It is very sad to know your story now I'm thinking why there are people who love to bully other, instead of loving each other why they choose to bring pain to others.
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I don't known either. Perhaps, people are just like that. Or maybe they were too young to realize what they are doing and how it affects the person who's being bullied?
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Maybe you are right, but I think at that age they already know they are hurting someone and their actions could hurt someone's feeling or even sometimes physically. Are you still experiencing bullying today?
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Hmm I think no one bullies me anymore. Or maybe there are times. But maturity has already kicked in and I learned not to pay attention to those kind of people. How about you, have you experienced being bullied?
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That's good to hear it is not only because of your maturity that you now endure or you can now ignore bullies. it is because you are getting stronger. 
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To your question, if I experience being bullied. It is kinda weird but yes only if I allowed them to bully me. Usually, I'm the type of person who can be bullied by someone. I want to experience it sometimes so I let my friends bully me sometime :)

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I met my best friend four years ago when i first joined campus. He's a man fortunately or unfortunately. The good thing with us and that's what kept us upto this time together is the respect between us and we both know our boundaries. He's always there for me especially when I need some kind of advise from him. We've been friends for long and now I see him more like my brother. Many a times we argue over petty things but we at least we do get over it soon. I just realised, a best friend is that person who can put himself in your shoe and will always stick besides you no matter what.I have had a couple of friends but then they dumped me when I was in trouble. In fact i just realised that I don't bond so well with ladies and that's why I prefer having male friends to female.
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Wow sister you are amazing, having a best friend of a man despite your female gender. It is not always like that. I thought girls always have their best friend but not a man a girl best friend.

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I met mine last year when I was moving out of university hostels to live in an apartment outside campus. She was living in a house next to mine. We actually had mutual friends, male, who helped us locate a place to live in. The two men who were our mutual friends also lived in the same place and they helped us move in. Since then we lived like a family and they termed me as first born and one of the two men was last born. Since then, I have been best friends with the lady even though we now live in different places. Sine we lived together in the same place once, I have learnt alot about her and she knows much about me too. We share many things in common and we are not afraid to tell each other our secrets. I guess that is what has kept us as best friends.
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I'm glad you found your best friend even though it is only been a year but I hope it will last forever. Having a best friend is really hard because it is also hard to simply trust someone. Now I'm happy for you because you found yours. 
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I meet my  best friend since high school days and we have been through thick and thin together and he is closer than even a brother.

I just resume for my first day in high school for my first year, I got to the school gate and I didn't know where to locate the house master house to register so as to gain entrance to the the boardinghouse, looked around saw three young boys like me coming toward where I was with my load,still trying to figure out how to approach them for help when one of them Lionel came to me on his own.Asked what was the problem, I explained my predicament to him and as they used to say the rest was history. He helped him all through and we became best of friends.

Till date we are still waxing stronger and nothing can stop us from moving stronger daily.
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When it comes to best friends, I have had different best friends at strategic stages of my life. And among all these best friends, one proved himself to be worthy of been called best friend. How I actually met him was very spontaneous because when we met we were kids and everything happened so fast in a manner that either of us had no control over it.
I remembered vividly, when I left one community to another for dwelling purpose. On getting there, it was important that I start a new school. I got enrolled for the entrance exams, which I passed, and after that I found myself in school the first day. Luckily for me, the only person that was on ground to welcome me to the class I was assigned to turned out to be my best friend.

Our friendship didn't stop after our primary school years yet, it extended to secondary school. Surprisingly, our friendship become stronger when I left that community for city. We were in constant communication via writing. And when we met after so many years, it was like we never left. And up til now that we are adults, we are still best of friends.
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It was during my NYSC program - a compulsory one year skill scheme set up by the government for every Nigerian graduate to participate in nation building. The program starts with a three weeks camp where thousands of graduates are housed in one large environment.

One day, in the evening time to be precise, I felt bored and decided to take a stroll. Few minutes into the stroll, I spotted a snooker table, which by the way is one of my best games. They were probably about 15 guys when I got there. I noticed this one guy, locked up in a debate and dwelling words against every other guy there. Almost immediately I noticed how intelligent he was. They all were bigger than him in size, but he never felt intimated and refused to back down. He had answers for every question they threw at him, but their numbers was just to overwhelming. Without hesitating, I jumped into his rescue. None of them knew me, but then, we were all strangers. We went on together with me having his back and he, I. After the long arguments with so many references made on history, finally, we won the debate. That was it.

I later found out he was a graduate of law and now a barrister working in a reputable firm. Just recently, he made a joke about me wanting to work in a government finance sector. I replied, just get ready for when I steal government funds, you're going to my lawyer.#Laughs.
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I'd say that I have two best or closest friends. I met one when I was in secondary school also known as college. And I didn't actually like making friend as at then. But hhe just kept on coming close and visiting me at home. We usually run into each other in the school and we talk normal. Though at then, my reason for avoiding the friendship is not far from the fact that I'm one very straight forward person who will not  accommodate pranks and hypocrisy of friendship. So, i later gave it a trier but trust me, I didn't find it funny as my instinct never failed me. But despite it all, I still cherish him as my friend.

Also, my other friend is a young man whom we've been friends since childhood. I've grown to understand him too well and I  believe he also does understand me well.

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