Do you have a best friend then describe your best friend.
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My best friend is a lady and i am older than her by 1 year. we have been friend since our primary school days. We went to different  high school but we kept contact via letters. We would share our problems and we would encourage each other waiting for holidays to hang out together. After high school i went to collage but she did not. She however got work outside the country. We still kept contact. More than ten years now and still growing strong.

She is ;

1. Passionate

2. Business minded.

3. Never gives up.

4. Very and i mean very honest.

5 Constant.

6. She just has a great soul.

7. Always present when needed.

8. Prayerful/ God fearing

9 Respective.

10. Lovable and loving.

I can go on and on.Even though she is still not in the country we are still in contact.
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This is a very strong bond that can't be broken. I just love your friendship already . This goes to show that out of sight isn't out of mind. 
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Friendship is an interesting kind of love.Their are reasons why our true friends are valuable. Some of the traits of my true friend include:

My friend knows me in and out.He knows my taste in fashion,girls and all that and he doesn't judge me based on this things.He knows who I am and won't judge me based on my mistakes.He is someone I can call when I wake up bleary eyed in a drunk holding cell for public urination and he won't think any less of me.

She's a true blue friend.He won't talk behind your back even if you have a misunderstanding.

He is dependable. He can spend hours commiserating with me over silliest of things that we both find hilarious.We just love each others company.

He is trustworthy, accepts me for who I am.He is someone I can share my secret with..

He respects me..he forgives easily..He is always their to support me even if he is not asked .
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What's friendship without a heart to forgive and one respecting the other. I hope all friends will come to this understanding and put things this straight out here. 
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I have friends, really close friends and acquaintances but I don't have one best friend. While growing up, I used to have best friends at every phase. We used to be reshuffled at every class so every grade had one. I was more drawn to people whom I shared similarities with so it was easy to find a friend in the people I was around everyday.

While in high so, I had many friends but I was really close to three of them. We literally did everything together and we had such good times until the end of high school. We are still friends but we aren't as close as we used to be all four of us.
When I got to college, I thought I would keep it alone but I became really close with two people. These girls I consider my closest friends. I can trust them and they can trust me.
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It always good to have friends we can trust and they can also trust us in returns.i love trust worthy friends.
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A best friend is one that knows and understand my strength and weak points. A best friend is always there in times of good and bad, he encourages and looks for way to help you. A best friend makes you laugh and shares the sad emotions with you as well.
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I met my best friend at school and in the street and he a nice friend to have as a friend and he always behave good to me and others my best friend is describe as my diamond
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The only best friend that I considered is not here anymore. He is in heaven now. He died when I was 12 years old. The culprit is leukemia. Since I cannot dwell in the old days, I had to move on. At present, my only best of friends are God and my immediate family. They are always there for me and will not leave no matter what.
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I know he is watching you and very proud of you as you still recognize him as your friend even though he is not here. God gives strength and peace. 
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My best friend is a girl. She is kind, sweet and trustworthy.  She had a fair complexion like mine. I can trust her specially when it comes to money.  
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My friend is very special to me, she never cheats me. If I don't take lunch then she brings me lunch.She cares for me more than me, she cares for me if she talks more days, she definitely calls me. 

She is very caring and honorable.
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A best friend is a Pearson who is always their for you and he can never leave you no matter what the curmstances are.

My best is Good because he is always their for me whenever I need him,he is humble and also faithguf ,he also guide me to follow the right direction.
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True friends are the only ones who stand by you at the time of your need.
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I met my best friend way back in 2013 while in college he is very unique, understands me, values me, he takes care of me and forgives me and always guides me to the right part. I feel blessed to have someone by my side who never quits adoring and correcting me when am wrong. 
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